Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Okay, i noticed that i'm updating my blog on a 3~4 days basis, which is not a good thing, especially when there are people waiting for my update.. i myself also wanted a daily update.. alas, i got little time last three weeks so the blog is a little abandoned i think.. :p well, since i'm a bit free now, guess it's time to start updating..

Okay, let's start from Saturday.. woke up at 11 and i went to Novi.. finally after a week.. *poor us..* i had a haircut that day near her place.. not really that good but not to shabby also.. it's just that i looked a lot more chubbier.. and then at the evening we went to TA (again and again and again), i bought a long sleeves T-shirt while she bought a pair of working shoes.. later at night i finished about 10 pages of translation..

At Sunday, i woke up rather early and finished the rest 6 pages of translation and be happy about it.. *yay* took a bath and went to Novi again.. at the evening, we went to Megamall (finally hauauuah.. a change of place) and there we celebrated our first month anniversary, at Hanamasa.. okay, i admit that it's not that romantic.. but she wanted to eat Hanamasa so i guess that'll do.. :) hope this will lead to a long relationship and maybe even more.. luv ya hun.. mwah.. later at night i watched "Alexander" with my bro.. the movie is extremely long and by 2/3 of it i was already sleepy.. well, it's 2 AM already though.. so we stopped watching it and went to bed..

At Monday, eventhough i'm not really a Monday person, i must woke up early coz Novi's atm card was at my wallet and she needed it at 8 AM, so i must deliver it to her.. after accompany her to Agung Copy Centre (she had something copied there) i went to work.. finished 95% my Quiz Program, just needed to show clock at my program and it's done.. the main problem is i can't show the stupid clock.. and the evening, i went to CL with Ellen to accompany Cin repairing his shoes.. we had TaWan porridge for dinner (not bad but still can't beat my mom's homemade porridge.. mm.. mm.. luv ya mom..) went home and watched the remaining "Alexander".. i just hated the way the turn Alexander the Great into Alexander the Gay.. *shivers*

*UPDATE* i just found out that Alexander IS a gay.. *shivers even more*

Today.. missing my hunny..


Cin said...

udah anniversary tapi blom traktir kita2 ... gimana sih

.mia.b. said...

hey, you know, that's the most accurate movie i've seen so far about the greek/roman empire. alexander emang gay lagiiii...

i remember watching troy and cringing because they made Achilles's (brad pitt) gay lover Patroclus into his "cousin". so the whole movie when he introduced that guy as his "cousin" i almost laughed my head off.

at least in alexander they made the point of getting the truth across... although i do agree that the movie was sooo long and boring...

Eric said...

whoa.. Alexander the Great Gay? okay.. just need to edit the blog a little then..