Monday, June 12, 2006

Fight Fight!!!!

Been staying there for almost two weeks, and i can say, it's nice to stay there.. still a lot of stuffs unpacked yet, still a lot of works to do, and still having the same dreams every once in a while.. God i'm starting to hate him.. we're having quite a hard time now and all he did is annoying us..

*INTERMISSION : Australia 0 - 1 Japan for World Cup 2006* yay for Japan..

Eniwei, i tried not to think about it but still sometimes it hurts inside out to think how things turned out to be like this.. i guess a happy ending is still at the end of a long rocky way.. and things aren't really smooth at the office.. guess you can't expect everyday to be Sunday eh?

Still, as plegmatic as i can be, i can live with that without complaining too much.. well, maybe when i reached the peak, i'll only pour 'em here and walked away a better and lighten man.. maybe that's why i rarely write here anymore.. and the more i think about it, this blog is becoming my place to write all sorts of my complains and rubbish talks..

So, for all of you that already knew that i mostly write complains and rubbish here, and still visits and read all of my entries, i thank you all and love you all.. ^_^ well, gotta go now.. since i wrote down my rubbish and there are 2nd half of Japan-Australia fixture is waiting.. adios for now..

PS : don't worry.. i'm all better now.. ^_^

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Home

Been a whole long time without any entry. one month and a half. wow.. a lot has happened. but the main event is that i moved into a new home with my family. well, my dad is still not at Jakarta though. we moved there last Sunday but because it's still not the appropriate time to move in, we can't cook anything yet there. and this morning is the best time to "move in" so my mom and sis went back to our kost-an last night and this morning they went back with fire in a lantern and water in a jug. after they arrived and we prayed for a while, my mom cooked some fried noodles to celebrate it. It's good to be able to eat her home made food again.. ^^

Well, now my home is a small but cozy house. the neighbourhood is also friendly and although there are more locals, they are nice to newcomers. my mom already made a few friends (something which she is good at). but currently there are still a lot of things lying around and 11 boxes which are still sealed. but apart from all of that, i kinda enjoyed sleeping there. dunno whether it's because the tiredness or the cozy aura. all i know is i woke up fresh and early these last few days.

All of this would be perfect if he is here.. haiz..