Thursday, April 14, 2005


Apr 14, 2005 - Control Panel is closed. In a day or two, all shoutboxes will be set to read-only mode to preserve the datas during the server shift.

Once everything is moved successfully, ShoutMix will be back to normal again. Hopefully it will be completed by this weekend. Sorry for the inconveniences

Looks like no shout box for a while then.. time to look for another shout box? nah.. let's wait until next Monday.. if it's still not working then i guess it's time to look for a substitute..

Meanwhile, i tried to learn about the sample code for Omniflash.. quite challenging.. hope i'll managed to write the enhancement quickly.. just imagining me playing my own game makes me excited and kinda full of spirit.. too bad my brain isn't cooperating with me, making it harder.. but i will succeed.. that's my promise..

That's for today.. maybe i won't go to the gym.. this body needed rest from yesterday's torture.. hauhuahuahuah.. maybe i'll finish my Parasite Eve II (again and again) and after that sleep earlier so i won't be late again tomorrow..

Life sure is good at the moment..

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Maya said...

Nya... Elic.. nanti photo diposting ya.. ternyata kita kelen ckaliiii *terharu* HIKS.