Thursday, June 14, 2007

Relaxed... Not!!!

Yeah, like the title said. no time to relax yet as the deadline is nearing very fast. I keep telling myself that and a schedule is set. but still there are unexpected errors everywhere like swarming bugs (get the pun?) so all I can do is take it like a man and deal with it everyday. hopefully I can still maintain a healthy sane mind when this is over. <*( >___< )*>

So I've been staying at office for overtime since Mon, but I went back home last night because my sis is coming back to Jakarta from Surabaya. anyway, I forgot to mention here that she's going to get married soon. maybe at the beginning of next year or something. I can only hope she's happy and get everything she wanted. since I can't say for sure now, stay tune for the next news about this.

Hmm, let's see, is there anything else? well, I've been watching the anime Bleach for the last few weeks. it's getting kinda exciting and more exciting. other than that, I'm also playing .Hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce once in a while just because I played the first volume. it's a nice game so I'm kinda having fun playing that. been a while since I touched Seal Online. I wonder what ever happened to my character there.

Well, this turned out to be quite a long entry and since I got the rest I needed, it's time to continue on the coding stuff. see you all later then.

PS : can't wait for this Sun hun. loving and missing you every single second. *mwah*

Monday, June 11, 2007



That's just sooo yesterday.. XD

Introducing the next generation of head-aching, mind boggling, super ultra confusing, AI.. a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence.

Yep, starting last Friday, I'm into this problem now since I find the pathfinding problems are solved. after I'm capable of making a pathfinder, now I'm trying to build an engine for the AI processor. that way, the enemies and npcs won't just stand still and do nothing, coz the engine will tell them what they must do, according to their own AI type.

So let's say, I got this robot that has an aggressive type Pilot. that way, he'll always chase the team player all the time, which is of course different from a defensive type Pilot that only take action when offended. that's what my AI engine will do. of course it's still need some more tweaking and coding, which is not that easy. (OF COURSE IT IS NOT EASY!! I'VE BEEN SPENDING HOURS AND HOURS IN FRONT OF MY COMPUTER AND YOU CAN EASILY SAYS IT'S EASY??!! WHY I OUGHTA.... *cough* *cough* sorry, got a little carried away back there)

So, with all that said, guess I'll be coding and tweaking the engine some more then. in the mean time, feel free to relax and have a cup of coffee or tea, your choice, and I'll be back soon, hopefully, to write some more tomorrow, or maybe the next day, or maybe the next week, only God knows. okay, bye for now.

P.S. : as always hun. love you very much and missing you even more. *mwah*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Been doing some pathfinding for the last few days and now the thing finally ran smoothly, well maybe for the time being that is. the absence of writing these few days actually gave me a lot to write, but alas there is not enough time to write them all, and I'm also not really in the mood to write much.

Let's see, for the last long weekend, I went to Ekayana with hunny last Sunday, then went to Senayan City with my cousins that are coming to Jakarta. then there's the time when I went to Ekayana to celeberate Waisak. I also spent a day with my hunny at TA the whole day, and I also went to basket and lose some sweat, maybe some weight too hopefully.

Last Monday my bro just got back from Hong Kong and he sure had some stories. also tonight my sis will be back from Medan. her plane got delayed because of some technical problem from the AirAsia. luckily they informed me earlier so I can then inform my sis. oh and my mom is now currently in Bandung with my cousins.

Well, being not staying at the office for the last few days, I've been thinking about staying there now. hopefully by tomorrow I can stay there and do some of my works. and of course I missed you hun. it's just been a few days but I missed you already. luckily with the new pic-in-wallet, I can ease the feeling quite a bit. *mwah*

So with that said, I'm off for my work once again. it's pathfinding once again so adios for now. later y'all.