Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sucks Big Time

Was forced to change my blog title due to the word Vie. although the meaning is "Life" in france, Novi was afraid there might be people who thinks about something bad about it coz we are no longer together and since most people know her by the name Vie. BAH!! what a pain in the arse. and at time like this when i'm busy preparing for my office events? what a great timing.

Anyway, gonna go to Puncak at this evening. hope the event will be smooth. i haven't finished the aerobic moves and the quiz questions so i kinda got a hectic mind going around here and my mood dropped big time.

AAAARRRRGHHHH!!!! thanks for a bad day, "Vie".. you're the best (for those that don't understand, i'm being sarcastic here..) >:(

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