Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wish It Was 1999

Got no time to write today n since i'm going back, i'll try to make it short and full of details. last night i watched Mean Girls starring Lindsey Lohan. she is cute, too bad it's a pirated DVD so the quality isn't good. it's too bright for my eyes and lack of subtitle. but nevertheless, it's still fun to watch cute n sexy girls in a movie. slept at 00.15 with a tired body and mind.

Woke up late (damn..) and arrived at office around 8.50. today is Ratna's bday, and she's treating us all ice cream sundaes from McD, so *yay* for Ratna. nothing special for today, except i was able to move the paddle of Omni with stylus. quite an improvement though. maybe i will try to find out how to use transparant images tomorrow, but for now i must go to CL as i got friends waiting for me there. we'll dine at Pizza Hut and talked like it's 1999 hahahaha.. wish that could happened.

Tomorrow night i'll go to Puncak and i think i must have a lot of sleep today so i won't be to tired tomorrow. wish my office event luck guys. i'll post the pics here but in the mean time, this one is from my last food trip at Semarang, courtesy of JadeBlade a.k.a. Charles. it's a candid shot so even i didn't know this photo existed. enjoy.

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