Friday, March 30, 2007


Weekend, a word that consists of 2 words, Week and End. basically means that it's the end of the week. but how come there are no Weekstart, or Weekbegin? hmm, maybe people don't like to begin something, but instead they rather end things.

Anywayyyyyy, surely it's already nearing weekend. which means it's approaching the time to meet my hunny. sometimes I wish I can meet her more than just like this. but what can I say. it's not like I can just meet her anytime I want.

Well, hopefully this Sunday the gathering will be a successful one. and then there's this gathering at Kelapa Gading tomorrow for one of our elder member which hasn't been online for a long time already. but I don't know yet wether I should go or not, since I'm not really that well yet. maybe well enough to go to basket, but I dunno if I could go all the way to Kelapa Gading and stay there for about an hour or two and then go home again. for that, we'll see then.

One and a half hour to go, and my training will start. guess I'll go lunch sooner so I can prepare myself. got no belt so maybe I won't tuck my shirt into my pants. but luckily I got a tie. Cin lent it to me just now. cool. guess this would be one experience I would never, or at least try not to, forget ^_^

Hmm, wontoon noodles sounds delicious now, don't you think? gosh I'm starving >_<

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday I thought I've been better. and then I coughed real hard and long, and I realized that I'm still sick.


Why can't this pain go away? it kinda hurts everytime I cough and not to mention I'm afraid the guys around me will get sick too.

How long must I endure this?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Felt Better

Yeah, woke up this morning feeling a bit better than last night. actually I already got a feeling that I'm starting to get better last night since I didn't cough that much, compared to the night before.

And what really surprised me is that last night I ate fried rice, which I don't think is recommended in my state. but amazingly, I didn't feel anything, other than full. well, actually I rather prefer soupy food for my dinner, but since it's almost midnight and I guess I can't get any of them anywhere (well maybe I can, but it would be like miles away maybe?) finally I called Kukuh which happened to be still outside at wartel and asked him to buy me some dinner.

Btw for lunch yesterday, I ate Kwetiau Kuah and Mie Ayam Pangsit. 2 portion at once. and it helped me to not think about snacks up until night. kind of a good way to prevent myself from eating snacks eh? I really want to get rid of these cough A.S.A.P.

How I long for a bar of chocolate right now.. >_<

Monday, March 26, 2007

Still Not Getting Any Better

Sore throat is gone, the cold is lessen, but now I cough a lot. hopefully I'll be okay before this weekend, since there are some events I sure don't wanna miss.

First, this Friday I'm attending a training at Head Office for the subject "Ettique and Table Manner". since it's for limited seat only, it'll be a waste if I can't attend it.

Secondly, there's this gathering by IC Forum for the elders where we're supposed to give the donations that we're receiving right now. we'll also give hugs to them to show our care and affections. hope it'll at least bring a smile to their faces.

If any of you readers are willing to donate for our good cause, you can leave a comment here. I'll try to contact you as soon as possible. and please note that even though the event will be held at April 1st it doesn't mean that we're doing April fool. this event is for real and we really mean it.

That's all for now. back to work I go.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Crappy Sore Throat

Woke up with a sore throat. crap. maybe it's the omellete I made last night. maybe it's the nu green tea i drank last night. maybe it's the lack of drink or sleep. either way it's sickening.

Well lately I didn't play much game. the latest would be, let's see, Rogue Galaxy for PS2. quite a nice game, considering I love RPGs. then there's this Digimon World 4. quite an oldie but kinda cute to play. just starting to play though since I'm actually not really in to it.

Oh did I mention I woke up late today? guess it's a sign. I think I'm getting sick. time to take those pills ^^

Anyway, gotta go have lunch. since I got this sore throat, I really wanted to eat meatballs. I craved for meatballs since two or three days ago actually, so now is the time then. so adios for now.

Oh and also, Itadakimasu ^^

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lost In Thoughts

Lately I'm not really in mood for writing anything. I dunno what happened, maybe it's the weather, or it could be the internet connection. either way, I'm pretty lazy just to do almost anything. luckily I still got spirits for works. deadline is still way ahead, but judging from our development speed, I think we're gonna need to burn more midnight oil if we're aiming for the top place.

So far, life is still just about the same. working from Mon to Fri, and having fun at Sat and Sun. I still accompany her to church sometimes and vice versa, she accompanied me to Ekayana. sometimes we spend our time at the mall and sometimes it's at the office, watching movie and spending some time together.

So the question still remains.

"How to make these robots animate?"

Hm, how I long for a Starbuck's ice cold Caramelle Frappucino. I think I need to get it someday. I think I need to dye my hair too. red is a nice choice of color but since i did it before with red, do you think yellow will look good on me? I prefer blue though.

Hm, decisions decisions decisions. can't life without one, can you?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We lost the warm-up competition. well, I think we deserved it. after all, all we did was just changing the 3D model, add a few extra stuff and changed the main menu. and the rest is just about the same.

Compared to the winners, our game was really like a child's work. well, still we did our best and I think the experience worth it. at least now I know that I need to spare at least a full day just to make sure the upload goes well and out there are peoples that got talents. we can't expect to win all the time, else it'll make us arrogant and lose control to ourselves.

So I guess now I just got to move on and concentrate more on the real deal now. yeap, the real competition has already started and the due date is July 2nd. looking at the 1st prizes makes me drools but I need to focus and try not to think about it for the moment. what's more important is that I learn how to deal with 3D stuffs first as it's going to be 3D battle out there.

Well, that'll be all for now. I'm moving on to the tutorials. be seeing you then. ciao.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Drop of Relieveness

Can you imagine me working from 8 to 5? well of course you can. it's like a daily routine from 8 AM to 5 PM. well guess again. I'm talking about 8 AM to 5 AM. yep, you heard (or should I say read) right. it's actually already passed a few days behind, but since I'm in the mood for some sharing, I wanna tell it all of you.

First of all, you all faithful readers must already know that I'm doing the codes for XNA Gaming Competition. and about a week ago, Kukuh told me about the warm-up contest in which we must use the already coded Space War Kit from the XNA SDK and we must enhance it to become a better and more playable game. (better is a must, playable not really ^^) so I spent almost a week in front of my PC, working and trying to solve how to use the 3D engine and since I'm used to 2D programming, it's kinda hard for me. hopefully I'll manage soon enough.

Moving on, since I'm doing it alone (all the other guys got their own matters to attend) it took me almost 2 to 3 days just to understand the flow of the codes. so after I finished understanding (a bit) of the codes, I started to fiddle with it. changing the 3D objects, re-code some codes (doh..), blah blah et cetera et cetera.. you know the drill. it went for about 3 more days.

The final showdown was when the game must be submitted in the next morning. I spent the night alone (not entirely alone though, thanks to my hunny *mwah*) at the office doing the codes while the other boys were snoring upstairs. finally my consciousness gave up and I went to bed at around 5.30 AM. since the game is not entirely finished, I woke up again at 8 AM, took a bath and started coding again. at that time, all the other boys helped me out the way they can.

Well, just like Yohanes Surya said, "Mestakung!" finally I was able to finish the game (although maybe not really on time) and submit the game to the XNA website. after that, I was like totally fell into deep slumber and by the time I woke up, it's already 8 PM. *w00t* after that I took a break eating and calling my hunny and after that I'm back to sleeping.

Well, until now I'm still waiting for the decision about the warm-up contest winner. while on that, I'm now going through a tutorial on the internet about 3D gaming engine. hopefully it'll enlight me more. until then, I'll be doing some more research and coding so if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way to more hours of confusion and excitement.

Adios for now then.