Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas? It's Over Baby..

No, I don't want to sound like a villain in any superheroes story, but it's like the truth yo.. Christmas is over. well, of course it is, since it's already 26th of December. which means still 5 days to go 'til New Year's Eve and I am waiting for that day. well, since i can get to meet my hunny and spend times with her, I am actually so really very waiting for that day. but since she may not be able to do that, I'm reducing my eagerness into only I'm waiting for that day.

OK, so to make things short, before i start babbling again, my Xmas holiday consists of me going to church (surprise, surprise!!), watching movies in between (Night at the Museum on Saturday night and Happy Feet on Sunday afternoon), eating and sleeping (which consists most of my holiday times). below this are the breakdowns.

At Saturday, I went to TA to meet my hunny and her friends. I bought tickets for my midnight movie show and then we ate there and after that we went home. after I played MS Saga for a while and talked to my hunny on the phone, I went back to TA with Cin. after the movie (which is really good, funny and quite a moral-story) I went back home and called my hunny and we talked like almost 2 hours. after that, sleeping time. gotta wake up early t'morrow.

At Sunday, I went to church with my hunny. she wanted to see the play at her church, JPCC. so we went there, watch the play, go through the usual stuff (I'm doing something else in the process) and then went to EX coz she wanted to see a handbag. from there, we went to TA and we ate at Hartz Chicken. after that, it's Happy Feet time. the movie is not really that great, although it did has some laugh. the story is not really suitable for children and well, the ending is not really good. well, overall it's still a good film though. after that, we seperated our ways with her friends and we went here and there for a while. she bought her handbag, and I bought a new Nautica long sleeves. not long after that, we went back home. played some game and talked to my hunny on the phone for a while. found out that I didn't get any dinner tonight so I slept after a series of talking on the phone. and it's Xmas day!!!

Monday, I ain't doing much. in fact, I can't do much. woke up at almost 2, I ordered some food after I took a shower (yeah right, like there is a shower at my house. but, that's not the point here). after eating to my stomach's content, I called my hunny and we talked until she went out with her family. I myself played some more games after that until night came by. went to Cin's place and we went eating after that at Bubur Sapo. finished eating at around nine (the food is great but the portion isn't), we went to office and i called her again afterwards. talked until time to sleep and that's it. by the time I went to bed, it's already past Xmas, thus the title.

So, after reading all this, I'm sure that y'all must be tired and weary. well, those are you problems (muhahahaha btw). I'm going to lunch now and work after that so if y'all excuse me for a bit. enjoy the rest of the last week for this year. I'll be back in a few (days) to say those magic New Year words. adios for now in the mean time. ciao.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Me? A Genius? HA!!

So like, yesterday i was like, you know, trying to make an engine for text wrapping for the Heavy Knight game. and after long thinking (some comics in between) i finally finished it. although still some logic missing around, i made it. well, of course after that it's logic finding time. why the bug and how to squash it.

But then again, as the genius i am (thanks for the applaude) i finished squashing the bug (i'm not even sure there is such a word such as 'squash') and emerge victorius victories victorious. now there is a smooth conversation going on before the game really begins.

One thing worth noted is that the conversation itself is kinda akward but since we're not english man, or americana then i think we'll go with what's available for now. maybe later when we get the new and rightly conversation, i'll change it right away, as soon as possible, pronto, you get the point. below is the conversation sample. please be patient while your computer loads the gif sequence.

Oh, and today is Mr. Babe a.k.a Mr. GGO's birthday. we took a picture yesterday and after that we wrote our own words of wisdom at his b'day card. and surely, there'll be foods!! Mwahahahaha.. i'm so evil, i felt hot here. wait a minute.. it's the hot weather actually, darn it.

Well, the only thing that i kinda regret is that i spent too much on eating last night. you see, we (being me and Cin) went to this Kedoya Food Court and i ordered a portion of sate padang. not long after that i ordered a roti cane with curry cambing (it's kari kambing or goat curry actually) and whatever you eat, you drink.. yep, Teh Botol. and guess how much they all costed me? sate padang @ Rp. 18.ooo,- , roti cane @ Rp. 1o.ooo,- , kari kambing @ Rp. 12.ooo,- , and Teh Botol @ Rp. 2.5oo,- for a total of Rp. 42.5oo,- and i was like w00t!!!! oh did i mentioned i bought a Monas at A&W later @ Rp. 3.ooo,- and a bear brand canned milk @ Rp. 4.6oo,- for a grand total of one night spending Rp. 5o.1oo,- . suddenly i wanted to bang my head to the wall. T_T

Well, what's done is done so i don't think i'll spend that much again next time i'm there. maybe i'll just ordered something simple and not so expensive. well i could say that i was treating myself last night but it'd be totally denying myself, so i won't. and since i realized i'm starting to blabber myself to boredom, i think it's time i hit the publish button and go about with my work. there are things to be done you know.

So with that i wave y'all goodbye. have a nice weekend and but of course!! Christmas is near so allow me to say Happy Christmas 'o6. hope good od' Santa bring something for you. ^^ ciao for now. and hope that i'll stay online next week to post a Merry New Year 'o7 for all of you. wait.. did i just say it out loud? aww, crap...

PS :
been a while since i last post something this long. mostly would be me complaining a short post and gone for a long time afterwards. hopefully i can start to write more often in the next future. adios amigos. be seein' y'all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogger Beta?

OK, so i switched to Blogger Beta just this morning, and so far, i still haven't seen any significant changes other than i can't do anything about maxonne blog account (coz it's not mine, i'm just a member there) and the dashboard looks different. but then again, i never really look at the dashboard. hmm..

Let's see..


Well, i gotta admit it. i don't know what to say about this Blogger Beta so far, so i guess i'll try to touch touch here and poke poke there for a while. i'll let you know if i found anything.

PS :
We lost at the XNA Gaming Competition. it sucks but it's not like we can do anything about it. well, there will be a new XNA Competition coming shortly this January and it's officially by Microsoft, so guess it's really not over yet (refer to last post please) and this here devvie still got it all the way. so i'll see you soon in the next post (prolly not really that soon since it's almost Christmas and New Year y'all. well still 2 weeks to go but hey, we need the spirit right? *wink* so i won't post a happy christmas or a merry new year greetings before they're actually right in front of our eyes. for now, i need the spirit of not getting sleepy at work *har* *har* so i think i better get back to work before i fell asleep. be seein' y'all soon (de javvy detected here)

PS 2 :
Sorry for the long PS. a bad blabbering habit of mine. >_<

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It Ain't Over Til It's Over!!!

Two days left to the XNA Competition deadline. all is at stake here. working like no one has ever done before, thinking like my brain never did before, staying in the lane of sanity while maintaining the insanity needed to finish this thingy on time. all the efforts done just to fill this thirst of work-a-holic need. guess what, i think i'm officially going crazy now.

But then again, would a crazy guy write something like this? well, come to think of it, maybe there is a slight possibility that a crazy guy can think like this. so there.

Actually, i just really need to let these steam off from me, and the only thing that supports my sanity is my hunny. *mwah* love you even more everyday hun. all of this will mean nothing if i'm not with you. ^^

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hoax or Not?

"bbrp minuman yg saat ini di larang & ditarik dari peredaran = frezz Mix, ize pop, nihdu orange drink, amazone, MIZONE, zhuka sweat, arinda, cafeta zone, amico sweat, oki jelly drink, jelly juice, fruit jam, zeger Iso Tonic, boy zone, coffe cup, jelly cool drink, ZPORTO, jungle juice, zes tea, mogu2…. mengandung SIKLOMAT, bisa menyebabkan penyakit lupus ( merusak antibodi dan blm ada obat) larangan ini sdh di sebar di sekolah-sekolah di JKT."

Phew, after reading that message, i was like... OMG! is this a hoax or for real? i can't really tell, but still.. i drink Mizone quite often though.. as for other drinks, i almost never touched them..

Well, hoax or not.. it's always better to be cautious.. maybe drinking water is still always the best.. maybe some hot tea will do..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Modern Nonsense

I long to be a Phoenix, the king of avian species. although i'm now but a tiny chick learning to fly, still trying to figure out how to endure this world filled with lots of things i still unable to figure out and understand.

To be the best, that's what i want to be. even if i can't achieve it in this life, at least i'd die trying.

Why i want to be a Phoenix? why am i so cocky that i'll someday become one? is it really possible that something so small such as i am, can become so great which everyone also dreamed of?

I don't really know the reason why, but one thing i know, is that i'm doing it not only for myself, but also for those that are important in my life. people around me that put faith in me, support me all the way, and love me more than i could possibly hope for.

Nothing i can do about it, but to do the best i could and be the best around. For them, this i promise..


Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Lack of sleep..

Unfinished deadlines..

Sure as hell, the worst weekend i have ever went through.. Gonna miss my mom as she's going back to Medan tomorrow and maybe stay there for a month or so.. it's back to "kost²an" life once again.. >_<

Btw, Burning Armor: Code E won the EDGE gaming competition.. we got two year license for using EDGE SDK and a $5,000 worth marketing by ClickGamer.. and what's more, we got a iPod Video.. how nice of them.. at least that's my happiness for the last few days..

Now, a tiring weekend is sure in sight, so time to gather round the leftover strength and go forth for Race4Win Exolution.. it's the Race 4 Life y'all..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fhuah.. Shits Happened!!

Sorry if the title seems a little not appropriate but i don't really care anyway.. well, since i already skipped writing my blog for over a month (and there are people complaining about that), guess i'll try to write something here.. well, let's see.. there are a lot of things happened over the month.. starting with we being comfortable at our new home, being a small but happy family, passing each day without fear and insecurity..

Next, about things at office.. we had an agreement with IM2 for the new Race4Win game.. still under tender but should be not much of a problem.. then Kukuh started learning XNA SDK for XBOX game programming using Direct3D and C#.. Alex is learning Lightwave now and getting ready to make animations.. Heavy Knights are on its way to animation.. ^^ Me? fortunately the work for Burning Armor Code E finally finished.. right now i'm just fixing some minor bugs and adding a few patch to make a more enjoyable game.. oh yeah, our internet connection is finally unlimited.. thanks to Shabox for buying our games and willing to help us on the marketing side ^^ now yahoo, msn, skype, imvu are never shut down anymore.. talking about imvu, anybody using it? if yes, my id is NicGun.. just holler and if i'm free, let's chat ^^

OK, now for myself.. i've been down these few months.. don't know how to handle things that are coming so fast and i must face it all at once.. but now there is someone accompanying me.. someone that lifted me up when i was down, comforted me when i was sad and calmed me down when i was furious.. she's Rosa and we're a couple since this month..

Well, kinda a lot to read eh? so guess i'll stop here.. besides, i need my dinner and rest.. i don't feel really well today as i didn't have enough sleep last night.. so for those that still reads my blog.. thanks and glad to have you back.. adios for now..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's Over, or Is It?

It's over!! that's the first thing that i thought up at that faithful day.. nothing left to be talk about.. he may lived on, but to me, he's no longer in my heart.. maybe, just maybe, someday i can forgive him and let him inside my heart again.. but it'll be a long time until that day comes so i guess i'll just be on my own then..

Yeah, we may be penniless.. but we're still together so that's what really matters for now.. we have each other to depend on.. i guess being a plegmatic sometimes has its own usefulness eh? like i don't really have too much thing to worry.. well, besides works and money, that is..

Oh well, time to cut the crap off.. get back to work and finish all my jobs and free more stuffs from my seemingly overloaded head.. just now my head hurts so bad, i wanted to break it open and remove the pain with my two own hand.. but that's like so not possible, right? so maybe i'll just try to get some rest and hope it'll go away itself.. ciao for now..

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fight Fight!!!!

Been staying there for almost two weeks, and i can say, it's nice to stay there.. still a lot of stuffs unpacked yet, still a lot of works to do, and still having the same dreams every once in a while.. God i'm starting to hate him.. we're having quite a hard time now and all he did is annoying us..

*INTERMISSION : Australia 0 - 1 Japan for World Cup 2006* yay for Japan..

Eniwei, i tried not to think about it but still sometimes it hurts inside out to think how things turned out to be like this.. i guess a happy ending is still at the end of a long rocky way.. and things aren't really smooth at the office.. guess you can't expect everyday to be Sunday eh?

Still, as plegmatic as i can be, i can live with that without complaining too much.. well, maybe when i reached the peak, i'll only pour 'em here and walked away a better and lighten man.. maybe that's why i rarely write here anymore.. and the more i think about it, this blog is becoming my place to write all sorts of my complains and rubbish talks..

So, for all of you that already knew that i mostly write complains and rubbish here, and still visits and read all of my entries, i thank you all and love you all.. ^_^ well, gotta go now.. since i wrote down my rubbish and there are 2nd half of Japan-Australia fixture is waiting.. adios for now..

PS : don't worry.. i'm all better now.. ^_^

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Home

Been a whole long time without any entry. one month and a half. wow.. a lot has happened. but the main event is that i moved into a new home with my family. well, my dad is still not at Jakarta though. we moved there last Sunday but because it's still not the appropriate time to move in, we can't cook anything yet there. and this morning is the best time to "move in" so my mom and sis went back to our kost-an last night and this morning they went back with fire in a lantern and water in a jug. after they arrived and we prayed for a while, my mom cooked some fried noodles to celebrate it. It's good to be able to eat her home made food again.. ^^

Well, now my home is a small but cozy house. the neighbourhood is also friendly and although there are more locals, they are nice to newcomers. my mom already made a few friends (something which she is good at). but currently there are still a lot of things lying around and 11 boxes which are still sealed. but apart from all of that, i kinda enjoyed sleeping there. dunno whether it's because the tiredness or the cozy aura. all i know is i woke up fresh and early these last few days.

All of this would be perfect if he is here.. haiz..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And Again

These few days i can hardly focus myself. Irwan once said that i need to learn to become a professional. i got to separate my work problems and life problems. i think that's so true because now i'm about two weeks behind schedule. guess after all this time, i'm still not matured yet. maybe i'm still child, that knows only fun and doesn't care about problems. I want to change myself.. i know it's hard, but it's possible. i want to be mature. i must be mature. i'm sick and tired of people treating me as a nobody. but first i must finish this problem that dwells inside my head.

I really wanted to scream right now. this heart ache is just too much. I want to be somebody!!! time to learn how to kill useless feelings.. get ready for the new me!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do You Know?

Sitting here alone in the middle of the crowd
Trying to take my mind away from you
But the memories just won't go away
And the more I try to lose it, the more they came back

Being the big fool I always be
Thinking about all the things that's so you
The way you do things, the way you act
The way you talk, laugh or simply smile

The kiss that night
So brief yet ever-lasting
So mild yet powerful
Unforgettable and Undoable

Being without you is not the end of the world
It's just another sad story being told again
Same heart but different wound
A wound that doesn't bleed, but hurts the most

Do you know?
This is made especially for you
If you feel the same way
I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Then again, if you don't
I thank you anyway for the experience i got
Happiness or sadness
Does it matter anyway?

Now as the night approach I bid you all farewell
And return to my den of nothingness
Where I sit quietly
While darkness spread all over me

Monday, April 03, 2006

April's Here...

Wow.. been almost a year since that faithful day but somehow it went slowly and a lot happened since then. don't really know what might happened if I ended up with another decision that night. all I know is that in one week I'll be back a free man once more with nothing to worry about.

Anyway, last Saturday I went to clubbing with some friends. since it's like ages from my last clubbing, i really enjoyed myself that night. first we went to f.bar at EX and stayed there for a while to listen to some live music while enjoying my whisky (or is it whiskey?) cola. later on, we went to Manna Room (or is it Manna Lounge? or Manna House? nah what the heck..) and there i spent my worst fifty thousand. the place sucks big time with lots of ABGs around and progressive techno house music (i don't even know what that means..) and after finishing our drinks, we got out A.S.A.P. and after that we went straight to X lounge at Semanggi where we stayed until around 4 A.M. and went back home. some of my friends went back earlier though. got some sleep at my friends place and then went to EX at noon to meet a friend. stayed there until 3 and went back home with hope to sleep. alas, i got home finding there are already a lot of people there at my room. finally i played Tekken 5 with them and got my sleep at around 10. can't really sleep coz there are some thoughts at my mind i just can't get rid of. but those are nice thoughts so i guess it's okay.

And today i arrived at office to start a brand new week of working. maybe i'll stay here until friday again? who knows.. all i know is that my job needs to be done A.S.A.P. or something nasty will happen. so i'll excuse myself and get back to work. see you in the next post, which i hope will be soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Been a long time eh? Guess nobody is visiting here anymore.. can't blame them though.. a blog without entry is not what people want.. but what can i say.. been lost without words lately.. got nothing to talk about.. because everything i talked seemed nothing but complains and bad news.. my world will soon be one person short.. not something i wanted.. but the decision is not of mine.. what will become of this life, i cannot tell.. but surely i'm hoping for a bright future and trying to find the better part of this unfortunate happening..

Well, enough jabbering.. if i continued on, this blog will really become my place to write all my darkest side of my life.. all i can hope is that someday i'll be able to open this blog once again and read all of my entries with a smile because like some people said, "All is well that ends well." and for sure, i hope my ending is as well..

Enough for now.. hope my next entry will be a brighter one..

Friday, February 24, 2006

Not In The Mood

Been a month since my last post.. damn.. if this keeps going on and on, then I'll.... nah, forget it.. I learnt not to think about it too much.. i just felt useless and unable to protect her.. with her being so far away and alone like that.. miss her so much..

Deadline is ahead.. not a single day went by without working though.. even at Saturday and Sunday.. work-a-holic? obsessed? team-work? whatever you call it, it has to be done and there's no turning back.. i've chosen this path and i'll reach the end of it even if it means i must run or crawl..

And in between them all I can think of about now is money and how it will make us happy.. can really money bring us happiness? a world filled with money-minded people is just the worst world i can think of but the ironic part is that i'm living inside it..

Gtg now anyway.. T-T-F-N and T-T-Y-L.. (for those that doesn't understand, it's Ta Ta For Now and Talk To You Later.. corny, i know..)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2 More Days Left!!

Well, been a while since my last post eh? can't imagine that Chinese New Year is coming so soon this year. and the best part is that i can celebrate it with my family in Medan. meet relatives and gather together in joy and happiness. i can also meet a lot of other IC-ers in Medan and have a gathering.

Well, at least that's what i hoped to happen.. there are a lot of problems and this year might be the worst year ever for me. i don't know what will come in the future, but from what that has happened just in the first month, and even at last december, it's going to be tough..

Gotta stay sharp the whole year then!!

PS : since i'll be at Medan until the upcoming 7th February, allow me to say GONG XI FAT CHOI to all of you.. hope this new year will be prosperity and success to all of us.. see y'all then.. i'll try to go online at Medan, though i doubt about it..

Friday, January 20, 2006

No One Understand Me

Yeah that's right.. no one, and i mean no one, understands me.. not my friends, not my relatives, not my family, not even me.. all of the sudden i lost interest in life and carry on living not knowing what to do next.. while the most solid part of my life is starting to crumble down and falling apart and i don't know what to do about that..

Maybe i need to find a good glue??

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Puncak Pics

As i have promised before.. here are some of the pics when i was at Puncak.. actually there are a lot of them.. but i was lazy to upload them all so here's some for now..

The whole lot of my office guys and girls.. the title is "Memandang Langit!!"

MAX-ers minus Cin coz he's the one taking the pic.. the title is "Parkir Menghadap Tembok!!"

Me and the girls.. aren't they all just plain cute? Mwahahaha.. the title is, of course, "Me and The Girls!!"

Hope the pics are not too big or it'll ruin the layout of my blog.. eniwei, i was just gonna go for a basket time but it seems like it's gonna rain so i'll just hang around here for some more time.. back to the confey yeah..

Monday, January 09, 2006

Back From Puncak

Just got back from puncak.. after 3 days being comittee (again) finally it's over and now we're back at Jakarta. luckily tomorrow is a national holiday, meaning full rest for a whole day.. woo-hoo.. meanwhile, i'll just go home and have a half day rest first..

I can't really write in the details in here, as i'm too lazy to do that.. but maybe i'll throw in a pic or two.. in the mean time, please wait patiently okay? maybe that's all for now coz i'm tired and really sleepy right now.. maybe i'll write more in the next update..

Adios for now..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Almost One Year

Tomorrow is my blog's b-day.. yay.. which means its gonna be one year old.. wow, ain't that neat.. i've been writing all sorts of things here.. my happy time, the ups and downs, my dreams, all the stuffs and shits that happened, although maybe i'm not writing in full details.. but still, it felt good to be able to share them with all of you.. be it my friends, just someone cruising through and read my blog, or my enemies (do i have enemies? well, maybe i do, but i never think about it too much though.. i always consider everyone of you a friend, unless you feel the other way).

Anyway, this year, i was really hoping for a miracle.. i don't know whether there are miracles or not, but still i was hoping for one.. and i really need to change too.. well, let's hope all will go smoothly and nobody gets hurt anymore..


It feels like i'm all alone in this big world, with nobody understanding me..