Friday, April 15, 2005

Sic Nic

Last night, when i was walking home, i met Novi.. we then had dinner together and after that we went home, separately.. it's sad i know, but the damage is done and we both will surely need time to heal ourselves.. i sure missed her.. and on top of that, i was having this minor fever since the time i went back from office.. not to mention my sore feet which made me unable to walk properly.. and when i arrived at my kost, all of the sudden i didn't feel like playing Parasite Eve II, so instead i watched I-Robots and when i finished watching I-Robots, my minor fever seemed to evolve into a medium headache so i went to Jupri for some medicine and he gave me Biogesic.. and after that i tried to sleep and finally maybe after about half an hour i felt asleep.. in my sleep i had some annoying dreams but i couldn't remember any of them..

And this morning i woke up, still a little dizzy, with an even worse sore feet.. i even almost skipped working today, but then came a message from Cin saying we'll go for a survey for our new office today, so i thought might as well worked today.. had a bath (although i don't think it's a bath at all, if you know what i mean ) and then i went to the office.. met Lili, Uthe, Dian and Pa Dwi on my way up to the office, and they sure made me felt a lot better.. i even smiled.. and now after i ate a breakfast, it's time to challange Omniflash again.. hope i won't fell asleep hiahiahiha..

And happy news for today : shoutbox is on again.. yay.. thank God i won't need to find another shoutbox.. (feels like dancing.. )

Ciao for now..

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