Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hoax or Not?

"bbrp minuman yg saat ini di larang & ditarik dari peredaran = frezz Mix, ize pop, nihdu orange drink, amazone, MIZONE, zhuka sweat, arinda, cafeta zone, amico sweat, oki jelly drink, jelly juice, fruit jam, zeger Iso Tonic, boy zone, coffe cup, jelly cool drink, ZPORTO, jungle juice, zes tea, mogu2…. mengandung SIKLOMAT, bisa menyebabkan penyakit lupus ( merusak antibodi dan blm ada obat) larangan ini sdh di sebar di sekolah-sekolah di JKT."

Phew, after reading that message, i was like... OMG! is this a hoax or for real? i can't really tell, but still.. i drink Mizone quite often though.. as for other drinks, i almost never touched them..

Well, hoax or not.. it's always better to be cautious.. maybe drinking water is still always the best.. maybe some hot tea will do..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Modern Nonsense

I long to be a Phoenix, the king of avian species. although i'm now but a tiny chick learning to fly, still trying to figure out how to endure this world filled with lots of things i still unable to figure out and understand.

To be the best, that's what i want to be. even if i can't achieve it in this life, at least i'd die trying.

Why i want to be a Phoenix? why am i so cocky that i'll someday become one? is it really possible that something so small such as i am, can become so great which everyone also dreamed of?

I don't really know the reason why, but one thing i know, is that i'm doing it not only for myself, but also for those that are important in my life. people around me that put faith in me, support me all the way, and love me more than i could possibly hope for.

Nothing i can do about it, but to do the best i could and be the best around. For them, this i promise..