Thursday, December 29, 2005

2 More Days!!!!

What can i say.. 2 more days to a new year.. kinda fast don't you think? and soon before you know it, this blog is going to be one year old.. wow.. this last week of 2k5, i almost did nothing.. i can't seem to find the motivation to do anything.. not even writing this blog..

Guess i'll stop writing now.. man this laziness is killing me..

Oh by the way, if i forgot to send sms to any of you who reads this and thinks you deserve a happy new year sms, please forgive me then.. the laziness must have struck again.. then again, i'll say it here.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2k6.. hope the next year will bring us good luck and happiness to a long long year to come..

See you all next year ^^

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nearing End of Year

So.. just watched the tv last night and i saw the tsunami incident that happened last year.. amazing isn't it that a year flew by so quickly and by the time you realized it, it's New Year once again.. damn that sure is fast.. and i'm still not sure at what i've achieved this year.. but looking at my wish list made me realized i still got a long way ahead.. the question is : How long will i stay like this?

Today i finished my job as a part-time SPB (Sales Promotion Boy in case you don't know) at HP workshop at TA.. mostly i just played the game at the displayed computers, and do nothing.. well, actually i should have been working on my job.. you know, the writing projects.. out of 7 modules, i haven't finished any yet.. i really really should be doing those instead of messing around..

Now, having a sore throat is kinda annoying, since it made me coughing all the time but considering after all those screaming and stuff at the karaoke that night, i should be grateful for still having my voice though.. remind me not to force myself too much next time.. *wink*

This month my phone bill almost reached Rp. 300.000 ,- and it's like so way different from last month being only Rp. 35.000,- hmm.. suspicious? ridiculous? whatever.. at least when you sum it up together, i still have the average of almost Rp. 200.000 ,- / month.. quite reasonable, don't you think?

OK then, i'm done talking *eeq sapi* here so it's time to wrap it up and go home.. i'll write more when i got the time and of course stuff to write.. *wink*

Friday, December 16, 2005

Panas Dalam Melanda.. Haizz..

Haiz.. 2 hari jaga pameran langsung kondisi badan drop.. emang sih makan ga teratur trus jarang minum trus ngemil coklat mulu trus kayanya disorot ama lampu mulu.. lom lagi hawa di Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) ga menentu, kadang dingin banget, kadang panas.. jadinya sekarang gw jg bentar panas bentar dingin, badan lemes, pala berat, tenggorokan sakit, perut laper.. haizz...

Hmm.. besok siang keluar ama Ellen n mungkin bakal ada Irwin juga.. semua ex-temen kantor.. abis itu sore basket.. abis itu malam keluar ama Cin dkk.. kira² kuat ga yah? lom lagi ada tugas dari kantor buat nulis buku materi training .NET yang bejibun n gw lom beresin satu pun.. ga ketinggalan tugas jadi panitia outing kantor januari nanti.. haizz..

So little time so much to do.. kayanya gw emang perlu istirahat de.. haizz..

Monday, December 12, 2005


Yep.. cape.. cukup satu kata yang menggambarkan keadaan gw sekarang ini.. baru pulang dari jaga pameran di Pondok Indah Mall.. ternyata keadaan booth nya cukup mengecewakan.. gw ga nyangka kalo kali ini bukan bareng O5 tapi ternyata bareng MicroLink.. booth nya rada kecil, ga ada cewenya, dan seperti biasa, yang datang liat itu rame tapi ga ada yang beli.. might be a good thing though, considering there's no Active Sync 4.0 to connect the HP iPAQ 1950 to..

Hari ini berjalan sangat lambat.. untung nya sih gw sampe sana sekitar jam 10.15 lewat.. kalo gw sampe sana nya jam 9 gw harus bosen extra 1 jam lebih.. berdiri ga jelas, duduk ga jelas, maen game ga jelas.. mana MP3 player nya rusak lagi.. masa lom 2 bulan uda rusak? emang barang murahan apa gw yang terlalu extreme yah make nya?

Eniwei, segini dulu update dari gw.. mumpung lagi ga ada kerjaan.. besok mulai kerja lagi.. jadi panitia puncak, beresin kerjaan kantor, beresin nulis² buku.. haiz.. life's full of challange.. let's get this over with.. ^^


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid PLN..

Stranded here at CL doing nothing and i still have to wait for another hour before going to basket at Mediteranian Apt. with the IC guys.. this morning, or should i say this noon (I woke up at 11.00 actually XD) suddenly my room is so hot, i woke up sweating.. then i realized, the fans are not working and the environment are sooo quiet.. there are no electricity.. great, of all the day and time they gotta choose saturday..

So after i woke up, i took my bath and then went to lunch with my brother.. soon after that i went straight to CL.. at least they got light here.. i went online but found no one to chat with.. luckily there are Flo and Yon.. i chatted for a bit and well, checked on IC.. well, boring day actually.. i was hoping i could play AOE III this morning.. and of course accompanying her..

That's all for today.. still exactly half an hour to basket time so i'll excuse myself now.. besides, the internet rate here is duper expensive, 8k/hour?? i can get 4 hours with that kind of money somewhere else.. but under these kind of circumstances well.. okay enough babbling.. got to go y'all.. *still watching the rate counter rising with horror*