Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tired But Happy

After almost a month without gym (yep, lu heard right..), finally i had the chance.. went there and just run, run and run.. i did two sets of running with a 20 minutes duration and varied speed of 7.5 ~ 9.. after that the waist and abdominal.. then i went home, played game a bit (Parasite Eve II, never got bored of it) and then when i was about to sleep, my brother watched Resident Evil : Apocalypse.. great.. can't sleep so might as well watched the movie too.. it's not really the same as the game but can do lah.. slept at 1.30 AM..

And the result, i woke up at 7.45 AM and arrived at the office at 8.50 AM.. not to mention my body ached plus sore feet.. hope i can make it through today huahuahua..

By the way, today cin just copied the album from the most famous singer in Thailand, Tong Chai.. frankly i think the songs are funny, and quite nice to be a stress releiver.. but that's just me, coz when i turned the volume up, most people at my office felt annoyed.. hiahiahiaha.. gomene mina..

Oh oh.. i totally forgot!! i was supposed to celebrate my one year working at my office Ad-Ins yesterday at April the 12th.. let's see, with what should i treat myself?


Cin said...

huehuhuehueheuhuehuehue ... makan makan makan ... buffeeee

Maya said...

Ric, mamam di sizzler dunk nyam...