Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yet Another Challenge

Yeah, after I finished the grids, came another new stuff to think about. ladies n gentlemen, may I introduce you, pathfinding.

Yep pathfinding. A* (A star), DFS (Depth First Search), BFS (Breadth First Search), Djikstra.. you name it. confusing and mind-boggling, those are subjects that I learned when I was still in college. and I never really pay any good attention to them. and now look where it came to now. dang..

Anyway, since a friend of mine said that BFS is the easiest for my needs, then I'll just try to check all the BFS related sites and articles, possibly codes and samples also, from the net. hopefully I'll get something out of it by tomorrow. really need to finish this as soon as possible. if not, might as well look for other way for the pathfinding, maybe A*? looks like a lot of people liked it.

And on top of all, I'm currently going home everyday, because my bro is still at Hong Kong with his office fellows and my sis is at Medan right now, so I'm basically responsible for the house and my mom there ^^ maybe later when my bro is back from HK, I'll continue to stay at the office to burn the midnight oil.

Later then y'all. still need to catch up with the pathfinding stuff. *mwah* as always hun ^^

Monday, May 28, 2007

Refreshing Week

Just spent another nice weekend. played basket 'til I can't stand, talked to my hunny until I barely open my eyes, played games together, spent time together, etc. etc. and etc. too much to said here, and now into a new week of chaos and confusion once again.

Just kidding.

This week since I felt refreshed, might as well do my job as good as possible. deadline is near and the game is far from finished. call me pessimistic but maybe I am. all I can do now is to just do it the best I can and we'll see from there.

So with that, I'm leaving for a while now. hopefully I still have time to write more in the next few days. ja ne ^^ *mwah* luv u as always hun.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stupid Regional Setting

Yeah, so I was fiddling with this program of mine just yesterday because it won't run. well, it ran alright, but it ran weird. the 3D models are not displayed on the screen, and the cursors tris are drawn weirdly. only the 2D images and texts are shown correctly.

Anyways, I of course started to check what could probably be the main problem immediately. but after checking here and there, I really got no clue on what's going on. then I thought it's because of the on-board graphics adapter. but soon that theory was broken because of other applications that were running smoothly, even though there are 3D models as well.

Then I started to get curious on the camera. since the others ran well, that must've meant that my application is the one I should take a closer look at. after a series of trying here and there, I finally tried to set a fixed camera where I'm going to display the models. and it worked!! the camera IS the main problem.

Having a clue, I started to check thoroughly around the camera and the cause of the camera malfunction. then after a little more closer look, I found out that the camera coordinates are messed up. instead of a Vector3(50, 0, 50), I have this Vector3(5+E7, 0, 5+E7). that's about 50 million in coordinates!! why did my coordinates went up so high?

And after trying various all checking, I finally found out that the main problem is not the camera, but the Regional Setting of my computer. confused? here let me explain. turned out that, when I was installing a new OS for my new computer, I set the Regional Setting for Indonesian. and since my coordinates are in float, which I get around 50.000000 (in float that's 50 with 6 decimals) and since it's in bloody Indonesian setting, the application read it as, yep you said it, 50.000.000 aka 5+E7. so all I had to do, was just set the Regional Setting back to English (United States) and voila, the application ran without a flaw.

Crappy stupid Regional Setting just cost my precious one day programming away. never again will I trust Indonesian settings for my applications. >:3

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Second Birthday?

Yeah, when I just got home last night, my mom asked me whether I'm going home tonight or not, and I said "Maybe not, why?" and she said nothing but instead she showed me something in the cooking pot at kitchen, and I gasped..

My mom's gonna cook spaghetti tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OK, maybe I'm not supposed to sound so hysterical like this. I just wanted to do it once in a while though ^^)

That's definitely a going-home-straight-after-work. been almost a year since my mom last cooked spaghetti. surely that's not what I'm planning to miss. not to mention today is my Chinese birthday. not sure how to know exactly when I'm gonna celebrate it next year since as you guys know, Chinese calendar isn't the same as the Gregorian one.

Well for start, my mom cooked me some rice and egg noodles (it's misoa btw, if any of you are not familiar with it) with some gingers, pork chops, and a couple of eggs. nice breakfast and it set me to the mood. after that it's going to office and work as usual.

Can't wait for tonight's delicacy though, so I guess I'll hold on to my drools a little bit longer before it flooded around my computer. later then. got a new computer to take care of. and for my hunny, you know what I'll say ^^ *mwah*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clearance and Confusion

Just fiddled with the cameras and cursors yesterday and I almost finished it, if not for the strange coordinates and depth or what-so-ever things from the 3D model's meshes. oh, I'm sorry, did I sound too technical? well actually I'm not really good at talking technically but I think it's still to technical for common people.

Anyway, I just got a new computer today and I spent a day moving data and installing applications so I can get back to coding as soon as possible, but suddenly I ran into some problems as my previous application won't run under the new computer, probably because of the on-board graphics adapter.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy about getting a new computer. the older one sometimes ran slowly and it can be quite troublesome. well, since it's five, I better get ready to go home so I won't arrive late and worry my hunny. *mwah*

Later then.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yeah, tomorrow is a holiday, the Ascent of Jesus Christ, if I'm not mistaken. anyway I don't really care what holiday it is nowadays since all I need is the holiday itself ^^ having said that, I'm off for home tonight then, since besides it's holiday tomorrow, my wallet is thinning *grin* I kept forgetting to draw some cash from ATM.

As for tomorrow, I'm planning to spend time with my one and only hunny. just thought of some place where we can be alone, only the two of us, enjoying our moments, and have some fun. maybe at home? hahaha. we'll see tomorrow then.

And I also need to treat the guys for my birthday. maybe this Friday or Saturday will do. still need to think about where and when. well, the coding progress is kinda smooth these days so I'll continue on to it and leave you all for the time being. see you all later then.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Milestone Passed

Added one year in my life, which means now I'm 20. hmm, gotta think more about life and less about playing eh?

Just kidding, it's my 26th birthday. yay for me. well I don't really need much this year, as I already got what I need. a girlfriend who is so loving, caring, understanding and loving, and also caring, and did I mention understanding? haha, started to get weird as usual.

Anyway, just spent my birthday happily, since she came to office and accompany me until after lunch, where she went back home. too bad it can't be the whole day, but it'll do. ^^

So, since I need to get going to SWI in a couple of minutes, I'll just say "Happy Birthday" to myself, and be happy about it. oh wait, I forgot. I already did ^^ *mwah* yours forever hun.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spiderman 3

Not much I can say about this movie, since maybe there are a lot of reviews about it already around the net, but this one is from my point of view.

From most of the comments that I heard, this movie sucks. hey, that's what people tell me. well maybe not straightly saying those words, but still the disappointment and negative response from my simple question "how's the movie?" like "yeah, it was OK", "it's not really worth it", "I've seen better", "Superman is better", and so on made me thought "is this for real?" I mean, come on, the first two movies are a blast. they sold box office world wide and now the third one just went down like that?

That's when I thought to myself, I really should see this movie and prove it myself. and since I've seen the first two, this one is surely a must-see. so off I go watching this movie with my hunny. I went straight to Megamal when I'm done working and after dinner, we watch it together, and this is my review.

For me, this movie is not so bad at all. well maybe the enemies are too many this time, since spidey usually only deals with one enemy at a time, so the battle portion for each enemy is not long enough. the story is also kinda standard. but the appearance of venom is nice, sandman is also cool, and the new goblin looks way much better than green goblin. black spiderman also looks nice and the way Toby dances around, well let's not talk about that part. the fighting somewhat got cooler and more intense, but with the short duration, I think people will be hard to please. the last battle is nice although some of the scene aren't really that necessary to show.

Overall, the movie is somewhat OK for me, since I don't really felt disappointed after the show. I think I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. next coming is Shrek 3rd and Pirates of the Caribbean. we'll see if they'll get the same response from the audience or not.

For now, let's get back to work, shall we? ^^

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Been a while..

Well, since I thought shaders can be done while I'm doing the whole project, I'm leaving it as it is for now and jumped into the whole coding again. finally I'm seeing some coding and not just fiddling here and there but really do the coding.

But then something came popping out from no where.. cameras..

Yep, cameras. it sure is a wonder how a single camera coding can make me frustrated and confused for, let's see, 3 days with today. well, finally me and Cin agreed on something so we can move on to the next stuff..

And I'm stumbled again.. with cursors..

Now the confusion grows and I better get back to that before it consumes me.. *urgh* 3D coding sure is deadly, especially when you are the only coder.. the pain, the agony.. *glekh*