Thursday, March 31, 2005

Heavy Weeks

These last two weeks was quite a disaster.. having to divide my time for translation, the quiz program, games, my darling and sleeping was enough to give me a headache.. but slowly i finally regain my senses and somehow managed to get through it alive..

The Quiz program is about 80% finished and just needed some adjustment here and there.. it'll be done at office..

The Translation, still got about 19 pages to go which due at this 4th of March.. my target is 10 pages a day so i can relax at the weekend and spend some time with Novi..

Poor Novi, lately i thought to myself how i've been a bad boyfriend, not able to be by her side when she needed me.. not to mention she got a bad mood lately.. *tatut de say hiahiaha*

And lastly, my sleeping time.. guess i just got to get a day free just for my sleeping pleasure *lol*.. really.. needed.. the.. sleep.. zzzzzzzzzz

Oh and one last thing.. Luv u say.. zzzzzzz..


Cin said...

semangat terus !
masih banyak yang harus dilakukan !
ingat prioritas !

Eric said...

beyes boz.. heuheuehueheuhe