Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Me? An Assassin?

Yesterday i got 3 meeting at once.. starting with the 5th Anniversary meeting in the morning, then followed by MAX meeting in the afternoon and finally the BREW meeting at the evening.. and if i heard right, today we'll have another BREW meeting coz yesterday we haven't got any decision yet..

Last night, i finally finished my second side job, which i called Project Translation, the Second Story.. it's not much actually, just about 8~10 pages each night.. and i dunno why, i suddenly had a nightmare last night, where i killed a guy, and i didn't feel any guilt or sadness.. maybe i was an assassin and killing is my duty..

And you know what? i killed the person by beheading him from behind, using a short samurai (or is it katana?) and i dragged his head into this car where my fellow assassins waited and i threw the head into a bin.. and in the morning i felt miserable.. maybe i needed a vacation.. bweh..

So, this morning, unusual, i arrived at office before 8 AM, which is of course a good thing.. and my friend Rian was able to capture the moment that perfectly describe my condition right now.. well, of course with some edition, that is.. *wink*

Image hosted by

Enough for now.. else my work won't be finished.. be right back..

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