Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Conclusion..

Again the only time i got to update my blog is at lunch time. oh well, let's get it started. yesterday i got 2 meetings, one for MAX and the other for the Office B'day. for the later, we'll have meeting everyday at 17.00 ~ 17.30 just to make sure everything is fine and right. guess i won't have any interest in going to gym until everything settled down.. at night i went to Novi's place to give her back her book and her friend's picture. we did nothing but talked that night, and ended up with a conclusion we are friend. no more and no less. arrived at home and took a bath, then slept.

This morning i arrived at around 8.10.. bought Ketupat Sayur since i didn't had dinner last night. made some modification on the Quiz program for a better reporting result. finished it before lunch time coz the Indocina web was down for a while. had Nasi Goreng Kambing for lunch plus a Krupuk from Maya. and now guess it's time to rock Omniflash once again. gotta get going so see y'all later.

Ciao for now.

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