Monday, January 17, 2005

3 Days Journal

Saturday, 15 Jan 2005

Today i'm extremely busy..

starting with going to office just to find out that my uncle will be going back to medan tomorrow and i must get my package from him.. so instead of working, i have to go to apt. bahari to fetch my stuff.. finally i went there with irwin (thanx for giving me a ride ^o^ hohoho) and the procedure is so simple.. all i need to say is "ada titipan untuk tommy/eric? dari ruang 2503A" and they gave me the package.. it contains my bro's driving lisence, letter from my mom, some amulet, and food ^^ yum yum

then i went back to office, have my lunch (white rice + fried chicken mmmm..) and called era.. she missed her plane this morning so she must take the next flight and ended up arriving jakarta at 13.30.. and then i msg her because her signal isn't so good.. the plan is to go karaoke at NAV gading at 16.00..

at 14.30 i went outside and waited for a taxi.. after 15 minutes passed, i got into a taxi and went to gading mall to meet adit.. i arrived at gading mall at around 15.30 coz got stuck in a traffic jam for a while.. went to the ATM and then meet up with adit n turned out that era's friend didn't want to go karaoke.. so we waited for them while walking around gading mall and ended up at timezone, looking at people playing DDR 8th mix while waiting for jimmy..

after jimmy came, we talked for a while then we went to gading 3 's timezone to play DDR there coz jimmy said that the arcade there is better.. played 3 times and finally era came with her friend.. she cut her hair.. not that much but still she seems to be different.. after that we sat down and talked until around 18.00 jimmy said "nyodok yuk!!" so we walked around gading mall looking for a place to play pool.. and after we walked (while mentioning about karaoke all the time) at last everyone agreed that an hour of karaoke would be nice.. so off we go to NAV 3 gading..

time sure flies quickly when you are having fun.. before we realize it, we are told that we only have 10 minutes left for karaoke.. not satisfied, me, adit n jimmy agreed to add an extra one hour.. so at 20.00, the girls left, leaving us guys to sing to ourselves.. finally at 21.00 we left NAV and headed back to gading mall.. there jimmy went straight to parking lot as he had to go and fetch his mom while me and adit go to the foodcourt to have our late dinner..

and after that i went back home, took a bath, played some games and ended up going to sleep at about 3 or 4 in the morning..

Sunday, 16 Jan 2005

woke up at 10.30, my plan to go praying at ekayana is ruined.. plus i got a stiff body from playing badminton at friday night.. so instead of taking a bath and get ready to go to office, i turned on my computer and played War of the Ring.. it's just getting more and more interesting.. at around one, fonny came and brought nasi campur for me and my bro.. a nice lunch, especially when you are hungry.. ^^

after lunch, i continued playing games, until around 5 when my bro wanted to use the computer to do his jobs.. we switched places, my bro at the computer and i watched the tv instead.. the shows are kinda boring, and in no time, i fell asleep..

woke up at 7, had a bath n went to have dinner.. after that i went to my usual net cafe while it's still drizzling to join #honest_friends and chat.. stayed there til it's almost midnite and i went home to have a sleep..

Monday, 17 Jan 2005

like the past few weeks, i woke up at 7.30 or more, took a bath, and went to office for some heavy brain damaging works, which i enjoy doing.. had some noodles + meatball + wonton for lunch, now i'm ready to work again.. ^^

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Image Posting Try-Out

Just curious about how to post picture here, so here goes.. this is my personal standard emoticons.. more advanced emoticons coming up.. when i have the time that is.. :)

Thursday Already?!

"W00t!!!!! You got to be kidding!!!"

That's what i said when i knew that today is already Thursday.. a proof that i no longer knew time.. people said that when you are doing something you like best or something that's fun for you, you won't realize that time is slipping by until you stopped..

So.. does that mean i'm workaholic? Enjoy working til i don't realize that it's already Thursday?

Man, i really am speechless...........

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nice Dream

Last nite i dreamt of my long lost friends.. seems like i was taken back to the time when i'm still at the 4th grade of elementary school coz all of my friends had those young n cute faces..

I met almost all my schoolmates, most i forgot their names, but still it's a nice memory.. the fun we had when we were young and not a care in the world.. playing all day and not realizing that one day we'll be separated..

Maybe it's because i had the same friends from playground to senior high school that made me kinda unable to handle the situation where all of the sudden my 60-70 school friends were separated and changed into 70-100 more college friends which came from everywhere around indonesia..

That dream made me realize, nothing last forever in this world.. friends, jobs, relations.. nothing except memories that we choose to keep to ourselves..

Haih.. how i miss those rascals back there at medan..

Monday, January 10, 2005

Sign Of Sickness??

Woke up yesterday and i found myself unable to breath normally.. turned out that my nose was full of snot (ingus) and they made me unable to inhale and exhale.. i panicked for a while, then i went to have a bath, tried to get rid of all those nasty snot, and i failed.. finally i took some chinese medicine and used a lot of menthol oil on my nose.. and after a while, all those snot are out of my nose for good.. thank God!!!

And this morning, i woke up with a sore throat which made me unable to enjoy most of the food i ate..

Maybe i should get a week off from work..

Saturday, January 08, 2005

First Busy Week


Finally the first tiring week passed.. a day seems like a month!! well, actually it only seems like two days though.. everyday it's work work work.. lunch and work work work.. dinner (mostly late) and work work play.. well, my team still managed to find some time to free our stressful minds with some heavy damaging action first person shooting game, known as Counter-Strike..

Although not the latest version of Counter-Strike (Condition Zero) the game can still make us have fun for at least an hour or so.. mostly there will be 2 team fighting against each other and everyone enjoy playing it..

After a week of struggle, hard work and pain (nevermind the last one) i finally finished most of my job.. leaving me with some issues which i must finish before 12th of january.. wonder if i can finish it or not..

Another busy week is ahead.. may God have mercy on us..

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Busy Days Ahead

"Project kita lom kelar.. jadi team kita diharuskan lembur tiap hari.. jam kerja dari 08:00 s/d 21:00.."

yah.. uda ketauan bakal gini.. jadi ga isa kemana² de buat at least 2 minggu ini.. bahkan ci ipii mo traktir aja terpaksa gw tolak.. T_T sedihnya daku.. haih.. samudra suki!!!! ditraktir!!!! T_T

woe is me..

tapi gw harus tabah.. those that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.. kata orang seh.. masa lembur aja bisa mati hahaha..

eniwei, kali ini gw nulis banyak.. sekarang lagi condition 70% untuk ngapa²in so bentar lagi off n balik buat mandi n bobo.. haih.. life is good..

Monday, January 03, 2005

Merry Neo Year 2005

Goodbye 2004

Welcome 2005

Hope this new year bring everlasting peace n happiness to all of you..

Saturday, January 01, 2005

First Blog

Yo.. just wanna try this website out.. looks cool.. n if possible, i'll post my flow of life's journal here.. so stay tune y'all ^^