Monday, October 29, 2007

New Week

Okay, so I promised I'll write soon last week, but turned out I'm kinda busy. Well, since I'm kinda free right now, might as well write an entry. Well, not much happened actually lately. Just went to PI with my hunny yesterday, ate at Sausage World, and then went around here and there and finally we decided that we're bored and went home. Later that night we talked and then went to sleep.

This morning I was late. Luckily only about 13 minutes which means it only cost me Lucky *wink* After that it's the same old routine of writing an entry for Disitu, checking on Joomla, sending newsletter, and ate ketoprak for lunch. I'm also going to help Tanjung today at our other project. Hopefully I can help him.

So, that's all for today. Kinda sort eh? Well, I don't have much to write either, so I'll see you later on. Ciao for now.

L.N. : Luv ya bala-bala *mwah* *mwah*

P.S. : I'll make it up to y'all later m'kay?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Start of the Week

Yeah, surprised seeing me writing this soon? Well, I am myself, but I was thinking, why not write when there's something to write about? Just don't expect me to write much, since I just wrote last two days. So here goes.

Yesterday my hunny went to my place where we played Zelda together, well actually it's me who played while she watched me playing it. But still that's an activity we did together right? Then she had to leave early because she wanted to accompany her friend which has just been dumped by her boyfriend without no reason. Well, there are some reasons but they just don't make any sense IMO. Later on, I played some games and later that night I chatted with my hunny and then slept early. I had some sad thoughts before I was able to sleep though, which made me..

Woke up late next morning. That's what happened. Arrived at office at about 8.20 or something and started to work immediately. Wrote a news at Disitu (you guys know the link of course ^^) and then touched here and there at joomla again. Nothing much except I had noodles for brunch and snacked a burger at around 3 and then I worked again until now. Well, not for long since I'm going to see her tonight. She bought me a couple of those safe drinking bottles so I won't have to use those used mineral water bottles anymore. She's just so sweet you know? *mwah* Thanks hun.

So guess that's it for today. I'll wrap things up a bit before I went to see her. I'll see you all by tomorrow then, hopefully. Bye for now.

L.N. : Can't wait to see you soon. *mwah*

P.S. : Can't wait to leave you all. *grin* Just kidding there.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Comeback

Been a while since that day. I know I said I'm going to abandon my blog for unknown period but apparently I just can't do it. Although the pain from reading previous entry still pains me, but you taught me that I need to move on. I need to forget the past and live in the present so I can reach the future. So here I am, writing down entries that I don't even know who read it. But if you read it then that's enough reason for me to write again.

Let's see, for start, I'm back with her again. Turned out that we still love and care for each other and it's just too painful for us to be apart. Being with her is all I care about now. Hopefully I can be with her forever from now on. Love you very much hun. *mwah*

Next, there is the site Disitu. Quite a lot to discover and fix there. Confusing and Complicated yet quite challenging. Even though I never thought about being a PHP developer, I guess it won't hurt to get some more knowledge, right?

Of course my life won't be complete without my family as well. My mom is currently at Penang right now, having fun with her friends. Hopefully she's happy and safe there. As for my bro, he just got back from Bandung yesterday. He got the long holiday while I don't. Well, different company though so no complains there. My sis? Just finished Zelda Phantom Hourglass recently and now she's focusing in WildArms 5 right now.

Speaking about games, I myself just bought a couple games yesterday when going to Megamall with my hunny. I bought Soul Nomad and the World Eater, Naruto something (I forgot the full title), Digimon World Data Squad, and Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3. But as you know I don't have enough time to play them. So I just have to wait for a longer holiday to play them.

Well I gotta get going now. My battery just run out and I need to recharge it soon so bye for now. See you soon.

L.N. : Love you hun wherever you are. *mwah*

P.S. :Good to see you all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Broken Hearted

"I really love you,
and I'm sorry
it has to end this way"

Those are the last words she said to me before she hung up the phone. It's officially ended. I'm really sorry too it ended this way. Neither both of us wanted it but it happened. All I can do now is wept while trying to hold myself together and try to move on, although I doubt I can do it. At least not this soon.

All those memories, all those songs, all those places and events and foods and drinks and games and stuffs we did together. Now that I think about it again, my tears are rolling down even when I didn't want them to. All the hardships and obstacles we went through together. The ring and the promise, I always wanted you to be my lovely wife and the mother of our children. I really hurt you and still you wish to be together with me.

To me you'll always be my lovely hunny bala bala. No other will be able to fill that place in my heart. Will we be together again in the future? I can't say for sure. The thoughts of hurting you over and over again still haunt me until now. Even if I really changed for you, I just don't have the confidence anymore that I can make you happy.

I don't want to say goodbye to you. I don't ever want to say that. All I want to say now is until we meet again. Hopefully you'll stay healthy all the time, find a better job which you liked best and near your house, happy with the games you'll play, and most of all, hope you'll find someone who's a lot better than me. Someone who'll love you even more than I do, who'll cherish you even more than I do, and can make you really happy, unlike me.

Listening to the songs that I learned to sing to you, the tears again flowed and I can't stop it. Well, I didn't even intend to. I'm sad, lost and broken apart. How I wish to sing to you again. I really love you and I hope someday you'll be able to forgive me for all the things I've done to you.

Starting from this point, Lover's Note is no more as I no longer a lover anymore. And I also would like to say that I don't know when I'll be back to this blog again. The memories are just too painful for me. I'll be back when I'm ready. This blog will be abandoned once again until further notice. Sorry guys. Guess that's all. Thanks for reading up until here and until we meet again.

P.S. : For the last time, I really really really love you and I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Look of

That's right. has officially changed its look. All thanks to me *wink*. Well, of course the others helped as well. I wouldn't be able to done it without the template idea from Martin and the advices from Cin. Well, they are the designers here so I couldn't agree more to them when they said that the color of a table column looked odd or the pictures are blurred or something like that. Oh and also with the joomla guide from Wiwid and the comments from the others too. I sounded like I just won a Grammy of something.

Being working on this new template for, I learned quite a few tricks of HTML, css and of course the joomla itself. Apparently Joomla's php files and template files are supposedly separated, see? If you wanted to add a new template, it can be done without changing any php file. But dear old Wiwid did some unthinkable stuffs and tinkered with the php files to match with the template files. Something that I think he shouldn't do from the start, but hey, he's the only joomla master at that moment, so there.

Anyways, being inherited with the files and templates, I finally found out that some of the php files needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, I still tinkered some of the php files (although not many) to match my template file. Someday, maybe someday, I'll be able to completely separate those two so I can change the php files with ease or switch templates without having to worry about the php files.

Well, one thing for sure, my hunny is okay now. Yay for her, and yay for me too because I'm just so happy to see her and finally be able to hug her and kiss her and well, hug her again. Hey, I missed her, okay? The point is that I'm happy that she's fine now. Hopefully she won't catch typhus anymore in the future. *mwah*

Guess that's all for now. Since Disitu web got a new look, might as well asked you guys and gals to go and see it yourself. Drop some critics and comments. Help us in making a better website so we can give more for all of you. After all, you all are the reason we made the site in the beginning. I'll be waiting. ^^ Ciao.

L.N. : Love you hun. Can't wait to see you again soon. *mwah*

P.S. : Just a small reminder.. read the title ^^