Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Not Again?

Just got out from the second BREW meeting, and guess what? tomorrow, same time, same place, same topic.. third BREW meeting.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

And on top of that, i just remembered that i'll have this Omniflash meeting with Ricky and Kukuh to talk about the classes and methods that we're going to use on Omniflash, and it's on Thursday and Friday, which will basically made me attending meeting for 5 days in a row.. (yes, the meeting on Puncak Inn is also counted, although it's a fun one , it's still a meeting after all )

Great.. i'll just go to the toilet now for some stomach releiving (know what i'm talking about? ) and then after that it's gym time.. Gawd, how i miss the gym.. then after that, i'll lay this tired body at bed and till it's the morning of April the 14th..

Yep, live sure is good when you got nothing to worry about.. alas, i'm just a simple man, with a twisted life.. haih.. xuan lah.. huei jia ba.. tread mill tread mill..

PS :
i'm using emoticons now, and i took it from Yahoo Messenger.. hope they don't mind about it.. oh, and did you notice my new flashing avatar? all thanks to Cin a.k.a. Shining-Blue for making me the animation..

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