Monday, August 20, 2007

After The Long Weekend

Three free days! Wheee.. It's been like ages since the last time I spent free times in the middle of my working days. Well you know, being always having two free days sometimes is not enough. Not at all, mind you. But then again, those three days are always filled with at least me going either to office or to net cafe to write news at Disitu. Read on.

Okay, so my first day at Fri. Woke up at around 11 and cleaned the house a bit. Then me, my bro and my sis ordered something to eat from Bakmi Eko and after that I went to office to write something at Disitu. Chatted with Adit for a while and went home after around six. At night, my hunny felt so tired she went to sleep early, so I went to net cafe with my sis for a while and that's a wrap for Friday.

Saturday was fun too. Woke up at around 11 (again) but this time no house cleaning to do. So I chatted with her at phone for a while and after that I went to Mangga Dua Mall to accompany her buying her new BlackBerry 8100. After that we went about at the mall for a Logitech mouse, an auxiliary audio cable for my tape deck at home and to buy a new Esia number for my bro. We also ate at KFC and I did eat some sweet corns while she had some tahu gejrot. Went home at around 5 and at 9 my mom got home from Singapore. We hugged and talked and chatted and laughed. Sure is good times. Oh and my hunny is also asleep already since she's also kinda tired that day.

Sunday, we went to Jcc in the morning for the Wedding Festival 2007 since our bosses asked us to go there. Arrived there at about 10 and the patron said that it's not opened yet, at least not before 11. So we ate some tahu gejrot and at 11 we went inside. Nothing special really since it's for peoples that are going to get married. So we ended up looking around and gathering brochures and fliers and such. I took a few pics but most of the tenants are not allowing taking pictures so I just got a few. After we got bored there (which only took about an hour) we headed to Taman Anggrek to watch Ratatouille (Rat•a•too•ee) but before that we ate at Hartz Buffet. Well it's actually Hartz Chicken Buffet with a new look and a lot newer menus. But for me, Rp. 69.300 ,- / pax is a total rip-off. OK, back to Ratatouille, the movie is nice and funny, and I think the movie has a morale, which is of course, that "anyone can cook" *grin* after the movie we went about and around the mall and eventually went back home. Later that night, my uncle came and spent the night with us.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that earlier in the morning, I won 2 bottles of Nu Green Tea. So the first time I bought it, I thought, sure is nice if I won once in a while. And I did! After showing the cap to the cashier, I took a new bottle. And I teased the cashier, what if i won at the second bottle as well? And she said I can get another new one. So I opened, and I won again! But this time, I didn't exchange the cap with a new bottle as the new one is still full and the cashier need the cap to complete the exchange. So in the end I only get one new Nu Green Tea. But I was kinda lucky eh?

Anyways, it's kinda long post already so I better get back to work now. Adios for now.

L.N. : It's not even 24 hours yet and already I missed you a lot *mwah*

P.S. : Did you guys miss me as well? *wink*

Monday, August 13, 2007

New CDMA Phone

Been quite in the mood of spending money lately, haven't we? Hm, dunno why and dunno how, suddenly the thought of changing my CDMA phone just popped up inside my mind. Since my hunny really wanted to change her phone too because of loose battery cover and lousy handsfree, we went to OkeShop at TA last Saturday. After we found out that they are receiving older cellphones in exchange for a new one, we asked around and then came up with an idea of changing our cellphone together.

So there you go, when I got home and talked about it with my bro, he said that instead of selling my old CDMA phone for only 150k, it's better to give it to my mom. I thought to myself hey, not a bad idea. So I decided I'm only buying a new one instead of selling and buying. And yesterday at Sunday we went back to OkeShop and we bought ourselves a new CDMA phone each.

Well, being the narcissists we are, we decided to take a shot of our brand new phones. On the left is her new Nokia 2505 and on the right is of course my new Nokia 1265. Bad lighting spells bad picture result. And the rest after that is the usual Sunday getaway starring me and her. Bye for now. Still got quite a lot to do.

L.N. : Need I say more? *muachks* :">

P.S. : Maybe I shouldn't say more >__<

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nice Weekend

A nice way to spend a weekend is of course with your loved one. Let's see. At Friday night I went to Taman Anggrek to get the rings we ordered about two days before. Then I went to Tomang to accompany her because her car was stuck in the middle of the road because of the massive traffic jam caused by those campaign guys. There in her car we exchange rings and had a romantic, although without candles, dinner consisting of McD's Cheeseburger, french fries and lemon tea. Not the best, but surely unforgettable.

Saturday is basket day. Nothing much except I went to office to discuss the project with Langgeng, the action script programmer and came up with quite a lot of bugs. But nevertheless, he still seems to be in high spirit so let's try not mess up with that.

Sunday is quite interesting. We went to Taman Anggrek again, because she booked for a haircut at Lu'Vaze (is this the way to write it?) and I need one myself, only I did it at Johny Andrean (yet again I'm not sure this is the right way to write it). Finished by those, we went to McD for a quick lunch as we're in a hurry to Kukuh's place for his wedding party. I bought a white long sleeve shirt at Zara by the way. Looks good on me and the price is nice too. Anyway, as we're nearing Tebet, a message from Kukuh came which told us that the party is over. Well shucks, but since we're halfway there, might as well drop by and said hello. After that we went back to Taman Anggrek to buy a book titled "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps", buy some Rotiboy for her family, rested for a while at 21 Cineplex, and then we're off to my home.

At home, we mainly watched tv and chatted and ate dinner and at around 9 she went home. Chatted with her for about an hour and then sleeping time. Must've been tired since I woke up late today and thus late for work. But still it's worth it. Back to Disitu then. Adios for now.

L.N. : No words can express my feelings for you hun. *mwah*

P.S. : For you guys that wondered how the rings looked like, here is a little something. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Feelin' Special

Wake up and smell the coffee - says Roxette. So I woke up this morning but without any smell of coffee, which is obvious since no one is brewing any coffee. I myself only got a couple of sleeping hours last night because of no air-con and lots of pesky little creatures called mosquitoes. After a couple hours of trying to kill them using Kukuh's famous electric racket and failed because they kept coming and coming, I gave up and tried to get some sleep while slapped myself silly because of the mosquitoes kept biting me and sucking my blood away from me. The clock was showing 3 AM in the morning and finally I decided to tuck myself into a bed sheet, which is big enough to cover my entire body, and thin enough so I won't sweat at all. At that time, I felt bliss.

Later in the morning, I'm awaken by a phone call. With my eyes still closed, I picked up the phone and there I heard a sweet voice waking me up and kissed me and finally said "Happy Anniversary hun". Yup, for those who didn't know or did know but forgot, today is my Anniversary with her. Hopefully the next years will be a lot better for both of us since I knew the past few months are pretty rough, and we managed to get this far, which is of course a good thing. Well, I'm seeing her tonight for some dinner, laugh, hugs, kisses, and maybe.. well, I'm sure all of you don't even bothered to know the details right? So I'll keep it to myself then.

And by looking at the time, I'm sure it's lunch time, so be right back in a few. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, you name it. Just don't count on it too much, mkay?

L.N. : Happy Anniversary once again hun. Can't wait to hug and kiss you tonight. *mwah*

P.S. : Well, why am I still writing in PS anyway?