Wednesday, February 23, 2005

In Need Of A New Handphone

I never thought about changing my mobile phone.. well, even if i did, i never thought too much about it.. but the fact that my loyal N-8210 is 5 years old now, with a leak battery and torn keypad, plus broken charger, made me think about buying a new mobile phone..

In the past, people always asked me, "why are you still using this junk?" "a mobile phone without a camera is out-of-date nowadays" "buy a new one will ya?" and so on and so on and so on, while i always thought i'm better of with a stand alone digicam and mp3 player..

But now, i'm in need of a new mobile phone, and i need it fast.. so i think there's no other way than to buy a new one, maybe with a built-in camera too so don't have to think about how to take pictures on Indocina gatherings or any other special events..

Let's see... the choices of new mobile phones are : N-6600 or N-7610.. hmm.. eenie-meenie-mynie-moo...

to be continued..

PS : stay tuned to find out which one i'll choose.. will i buy a new one or will i stick to my loyal 8210?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Semarang, The Food Trip

Went to Semarang for a food trip.. so, instead of going to the exotic places, we went to find exotic foods.. there are a lot of delicious foods and being only 2 days there, i didn't have the time to try all the foods.. well, at least i tried 16 kinds of food..

And while i was there, i typed a journal about the food trip.. it's in indonesian of course, and since i'm too lazy to rewrite the whole journal, i'll just post the link to the 3 episodes of my journal at Indocina here..

+ Episode 1
+ Episode 2
+ Episode 3

Happy reading.. and hope i'll have the next chance to explore more of Semarang's exotic foods..

Friday, February 18, 2005

Semarang, Here I Come ^^

Yesterday Cin said "I'm going back to Semarang tomorrow, back to jakarta at sunday.. wanna join me?" and so after a few thought here and there, i said "Okay".. so we went to Pintu Air district and bought the ticket for about Rp. 190.000,- each..

And later that night i went to Lydia's place.. i thought that if i'm going to Semarang, then i won't see Ivonne again until the next time she came to jakarta.. but it turned out that she wasn't sleeping at Lydia yesternight.. so i just went there to chat with Lydia.. amazingly she seemed to enjoy the chat.. although only for about half an hour or so.. she even didn't say no when i asked her what i said i wanted to buy her something from Semarang.. hmm.. a good sign? *big grin*

So, today i'm ready to travel to Semarang.. cin already made a lot of plan on where to go and what to eat.. well, hope this trip will be a good one.. I'll post my journal here and of course some pics too.. gotta go in about an hour so adios for now and see you all again on Sunday.. ^^

Hope you all have a nice weekend.. ^^

Monday, February 14, 2005

Love Is In The Air, Or Is It?

Woke up late (again -.-") and arrived at office at around 8:59, ain't much work to do at first.. but when Irwin found lots of errors, then the fun began.. worked til it's about time to go home, i asked Irwin to take me to buy flower, red roses to be exact.. i bought two, both of them are for Lydia.. one from me and one from Ivonne..

Arrived at Taman Anggrek at around 6:35, Ivonne called me and asked me to reserve a table at Musicafe, so i went upstairs and asked the waitress there.. and it turned out that they were having this event for valentine's day, and it cost Rp. 175.000 ,- per person.. "crazy!!!" i thought and i called Ivonne immidiately.. and then she said "Well, then wait for us to come first and then we'll decide.."

So i went to Hero and looked for a chocolate for Lilis.. i dunno what was on my mind when i promised her i'd buy her chocolate.. but her response is positive so i guess i can't disappoint her right? at last i bought a cadbury valentine edition.. hope she'll like it.. ^^

After shopping, Lydia called and told me to go to KFC.. upon arriving there, already waiting Ivonne and Lydia.. then we went to Sapo Oriental and there already the full crew, including a couple i never met before.. at last 11 people gathered together and we ate a full and hearty valentine dinner (not too shabby..) consists of Sapi Lada Hitam, Baby Kailan Saos Tiram (although i wonder where were the "Saos Tiram"), Cumi Goreng Tepung, and Ayam Kung Pao (reminds me of the movie "Kung Paw" ^^ )

Finished eating, we went to Hero first because Robin wanted to buy some daily supplies.. while Robin and Eko went inside, me, Lydia, Ivonne, and Lidya waited outside for about 15-25 minutes.. after that we went back to Lydia's kost, i stayed there until it's almost eleven and then back to kost.. played Diablo I - Hellfire for a while.. an oldies but still can made me stuck in front of the monitor for about an hour or two.. then i went to bed..

Sweet dream.. oh, and before i forget.. Happy Valentine.. ^^

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Do Fun Day

Yesterday i asked Lydia to wake me up coz i was afraid i won't be able to wake up on my own.. so she did.. she miscalled me three times coz i warned her about me sleeping like "kebo" lately hehehe.. anyway, finally i woke up and took a bath, grab a set of changing clothes, and off i go to Lydia's kost.. waiting there are Ivonne, Lidya and Lydia.. then along came Robin.. happy face and all.. and we thought today will be a nice day..

Then we went to Untar I to meet up with Lidya's brother, who's supposed to go with us, but currently not in the mood so off we go to Dufan.. the weather is cloudy and it rained when we're halfway there.. and when we arrived at Dufan, it's still raining
and suddenly Robin's mood dropped again.. man, i really don't understand this guy.. well, tried not to think about it though..

So while we waited for Heri to come, the rain keep pouring down and not even showing any sign of stopping.. after the gate opened, we bought the ticket to Dufan (Rp. 70.000 ,- ??? what a rip-off!!) and waited until 11.30 and Heri came.. we went to McD first to have our lunch while waited for the rain to stop (which didn't stop at all.. lousy weather.. *grumble grumble*)

The first one we visited was Star Wars (Perang Bintang) coz it's raining and most of the outdoor games are not operated.. then we went to the simulator (Perang Antariksa) and after that we played Boom Boom Cars.. then after the rain started to slow down, we went to Kora-Kora, Halilintar (i played twice.. not challenging at all..), then played Pontang-Pontang and after that straight to Ombang-Ombang.. after those two, my head was spinning and my stomach didn't feel good..

Rested fow a while, then we went to Istana Boneka and after that, we played the mini Halilintar (i think it's called Alap-Alap or something..) then straight to Kicir-Kicir.. this time only me and Heri played coz the other freaked out when they saw how the machine worked.. after a rest, we went to Rumah Kaca (got lost coz Heri led us through the wrong way), Rumah Miring (ran though it, quite fun ^^) and then straight to Niagara-gara (played twice, thanks to the guard there) and after that.. Arung Jeram!! haihaia.. wet time..

When we finished Arung Jeram (not so wet though.. just a little here and there) we went to Bianglala.. stayed there and chatted all the way (ate some bread too) and when we finished, we went to get changed and then Ivonne's friend Eko was already waiting for us.. we went to Tamani Cafe at Tomang and have dinner there.. and by nine, we're on our way home..

A nice day (considering Robin's mood was getting better after some games) and now this guy need some rest.. so adios for now..

Friday, February 11, 2005

Second Day Of Chinese New Year

Woke up by a misscall from Lydia, followed by a sms from her.. she said "come to my place, someone wants to meet you.." and the first person that came into my mind is Ivonne.. why her i don't know, just my sixth sense i guess.. so i woke up, cleaned up, dressed up and i went to Lydia's place.. and guess who's there? yep, it's Ivonne allright.. wonder where i got these sense??

And after a couple of minutes chatting, she asked me to come with them girls to CL and i thought "hey, i ain't got nothing to do here anyway.." so off i went back to kost and changed up, then the six of us (me being the only male) walked to CL..

Arriving at CL, we're supposed to meet with Ivonne's friends and her friend's (name Lidya.. notice the difference spelling.. one is Lydia and one is Lidya) boyfriend.. so many new faces and names and i hardly remember any name.. oh well.. after confirming the meeting point will be at funcity, we went to Hoka Hoka Bento for a lunch first.. then came Ivonne's friend, name Robin.. a weird guy.. he came, spoke a little, showed a weird face (looks like angry or something, i don't even give a damn) and left for lunch at Goiza.. duh? like what do you think you are? some superstar or something? get a life dude.. really ruined the mood..

After lunch we went to funcity and met Lidya's boyfriend there.. he's with his friend and both of them are binusian and yeah, we get along pretty well hehehe.. then we went to Gramedia for, guess what, persuading this Robin guy.. man i really want to give him a smack in the head.. hehehe.. but then again, i'm a lover not a fighter.. :p after that, we went around CL, while Ivonne must keep her eye on Robin, else he'll went crazy again.. really, i never saw anyone moody like him.. well, maybe my dad.. but still he's not that moody..

Okay, enough of Robin, after he went back (which brought relieve to all of us) we also went back to Lydia's kost and stayed there until around six and we went for a dinner at Hj. Helen.. and went back to Lydia's kost again.. and stayed there until nine thirty and went back to kost.. played Diablo II for a while then my bro got back and we watched The Simpsons again until 12 and it's bed time..

Kinda tired... zzzzzz..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First Day Of Chinese New Year

Unbelievably boring.. with no place to go and nothing to do, i was lucky i woke up at 15:00 today.. it seems that i never enjoy holidays these days.. be it Christmas, New Year or even Chinese New Year, i spent them sleeping most of the time.. and i think it's wrong, yet unable to make it right.. hmm.. i'm babbling now..

Anyway, after i woke up today, instead of going out to eat, i turned on my computer and sat in front of it playing games and read comics, watched some movies until it's 18:30 and i go out for a dinner.. after the dinner (which is not suitable for a Chinese New Year, but it'll do for a hungry stomach) i went to Cyberbug (my fave Net Cafe, that is) and started online until now.. maybe i'll stay here for about an hour or more and then it's back to my bed and computer..

As for tomorrow.. maybe i'll go to the mall and spend some time there.. or maybe i'll spend the day cleaning my room? or maybe i'll spend it sleeping all day, just like the other holidays.. so many alternatives but dunno whether i have the will to do it.. someone might probably still angry with me and that fact ain't gonna make my day brighter or something..

Haih.. Girls.. can't live with them.. can't live without them..

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pre Chinese New Year's Eve

So.. got out from my office at around 12:30 with Irwin n we went to Taman Anggrek.. he said he wanted to find something for his beloved (sometimes i envy those coupled people.. >_<) but first we went to grab some food at A&W.. loved those RootBeer Floats hahahaha.. never got bored of it..

After the lunch, we went to different stores.. starting from Familia to Michelle.. we searched high n low, going up n down and ended up buying nothing.. so, at last Irwin went back at around 14:00 and i went to Rimo to buy some new clothes.. at least 4 times i went around the men section before i found a nice piece.. it's a long sleeves shirt (Hammer brand) and i like it from the first glance.. after a few tries (including 2 more of different color n different design) i bought 3 pieces, all hammer brand (coz you got Rp. 30.000 ,- discount if your purchase is above Rp. 200.000 ,-) and after that i went to timezone to kill some time there, played DDR n Tekken Tag a couple times and around 16:00 I went to CitraLand to get my hair cut..

Arriving at CL, I immidiately went to Brown Saloon (no wonder it looked different, it just got renovated.. silly me..) and around 17:00 my hair is back to spiky style.. they use this super strong gel, and whaddaya know? it IS super strong..

So.. like, when i was writing this, i got a message, content censored of course, and it made me feel more and more miserable.. who sent it, i won't tell.. i had a bad day already and i don't want to make it even worse.. so much for the valentine gift plan though.. and i even found the gift i wanted to buy..

Well, gotta go now.. these past few days was a total hell for me.. hope this new year means new spirits for me, coz i sure as hell need those..

Qong Xi Fat Chai!!

Woke up this morning (late again as usual.. man, i hate myself..) and got a sms from diana for tomorrow's Chinese New Year(CNY). even though it's still too early for that, i thank you.. ^^ It sure lift up my mood somehow..

Today my office work half day meaning going home at 12:00 AM (yay.. thanx Mr. GGO) so i think i'll go to Taman Anggrek to buy one or two new clothes n maybe even get a haircut.. after all, it's the CNY tomorrow, so i better look new and fresh.. ^^ let's just hope the haircut is good too..

As for my plan on looking for a valentine gift for that someone, i'm still thinking about it.. like, why bother to buy someone a gift when she doesn't even care anymore about you.. but still i promised myself i'll buy her something.. well, still have time until saturday though.. maybe i'll think about it again..

God.. how i miss her.. but she has changed though.. been busy lately with other and she don't even give a damn about me now.. call me silly, stupid, idiot, whatever.. that's the way i am.. a lonely stupid guy..


Goodbye year of monkey (ngik ngik ngik..)
Welcome year of rooster (pok pok petok..)

Qong Xi Fat Chai

Xien Nien Kuai Le
Sen Ti Cien Khang
Nien Nien Cien Pu
Wang Se Ru Ie

Sorry if my pingyin are all wrong and messed up.. still a novice eniwei..

Monday, February 07, 2005

Today Sucks!! pt. 2

Well.. it turs out that my bad day ain't over yet.. like they say, it ain't over 'til it's over.. so.. when i was going to the fitness centre with my friend johnsons (known as Toy-Box III in Indocina) suddenly out of nowhere it started raining.. and the rain came down heavily so we're wet top down..

And the most annoying part is.. when we arrived at the gym, the rain stopped.. it stopped.. just like that.. urrgh!! i felt horrible.. and to make my miserable day complete.. it also rained when we're on our way home.. luckily just a small rain.. but still enough to wet us..

I wonder what awaits me back at kost.. maybe a scold by my bro, or maybe i'll trip n fell on my way back, or maybe got hit by a car.. *shivers* man, gotta be extra careful later..

So, to make my bad day complete.. well, I've said it twice n I'll say it again.. Today Sucks!!

Today Sucks!!

Changed my blog skin today.. not much changed actually.. just here and there a little..

Today my mood seems to be on the lowest level ever.. might be because of things happened yesterday, where i left my keys at office and ended up sleeping at net cafe.. then when i went to my cousin's place, he already left with his friends and i didn't know he called because my handphone was on silent mode..

And today.. well, i don't even know where to start.. so many things happened in such a short time, i feel like my head is spinning and the urge to scream is so high it made me want to go bang my head someplace where no one can see me..

So in short, i've said it once and i'll say it again.. Today Sucks!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finally Back!!!

At last.. some free time for my neglected blog hahahaha.. been quite busy these days, with project deadlines, new stuffs to learn (migrating from VB.NET to C#) and sometimes arranging gathering for fellow IC-ers.. my God!! seemed like i'm gonna need an extra hour or two just to get a good sleep at nite..

So like, last sunday we had this gathering at Taman Anggrek.. quite a gath, having 23 people, and somehow the gath went smoothly and lotsa picture taken too ^^ here's a screenshot :

quite a bunch eh? hehe.. too bad i'm not in the pic, as i'm the one taking it..

and.. tomorrow i'll go karaoke-ing at NAV.. gotta get away from office at around 5.. hope everybody won't mind.. hahaha.. besides, the office hour is 8 - 5 rite? :p oh well..

wowee, look at the time.. gotta get back to work first.. but in between work, gotta learn Jay Chou - An Hao (Secret Signal).. tryin to at least memorize the rhytm coz i dun wanna memorize the lyrics..

ciao then.. :)