Friday, April 08, 2005

Am I Lost? Damn..

When it seems that things will go on smoothly, you really should be careful.. there are dangers around you even as you speak and walk freely and unaware of your surrounding..

And by the time you knew it, BAM!! you're knocked down, dragged to somewhere you are not familiar with or to the place you hated most, and left you there to suffer and rot..

And i think i'm lost in earthly hell, where i lost my loved one and left alone to cry my heart out..

Moral of the story : I'm single again.. life sure sucks at these moments.. damn..


.mia.b. said...

oh no... i'm so sorry to hear that >__<... are you ok?

Cin said...


segala sesuatu bisa terjadi ..
jangan menyerah dulu ..
entah menyerah untuk yang ini atau yang nantinya .. ok

mozzie said...

Eric..what does it mean?? I hope u r oke..and spt kata ko cin..jgn putus semangat and menyerah..ganbatte..u r the winner okay

anaknakal said...

dum dee dumm.. numpang lewat.

always consider the most impossible situation. ^_^

ganbatte ne! U'll pull through this one for sure.

Maya said...

Ric, patah satu tumbuh seribu, putus satu pasang 1000 Huahahaha.. harusnya kita ini thanking keadaan kita bagemanapun sucksnya kondisi kita..
Masih untung dikasih pacar..
Masih untung kita single..
Masih untung kita bisa idup..
Masih untung.. 1000 list deh..

Pokoknya hidup seseorang selalu lebi baek dari yang lain. Think +