Thursday, July 19, 2007


Been a long time! Surely it's almost three weeks since the last post here. Lately I dunno why I just didn't have the vibe to write any post at all. The mood just seemed to disappeared without any warning. Either it's the work I do now or other things, I don't know, but all I know is, it sure feels good to write here again.

Anyway, like the last post (read below) said.. er, wait a minute, I didn't mention anything about it. Oh well, forget it. I was gonna say that lately we're super busy with Disitu project. Everyday is a new journalism day for us now since we're writing news, updates, technologies, games, gadgets and even women (pictures are the most important thing of all). Not a single day pass by without any new news from us (except Saturday and Sunday when we got no internet connection, of course).

Other than that, I'm managing my first project *yay* which is going on for quite a few days now. Kinda hard in the beginning but once you get a hold on it, it's smooth as cheesecake I tell ya. *grin* Talking about cheesecake makes me hungry by the way. Well, aside from that, I'm just fine with my daily routine of working, loving, eating and sleeping. Nothing really new from me, well except for that maybe I'm buying a new motorcycle in the next week. Finally, can't wait to ride it to office and elsewhere.

Well whaddya know? Been almost three weeks and I still got the touch (not to mention the look *wink wink*) to write a blog. But since I'm kinda sleepy now and tomorrow is a big day with a meeting and stuffs, I better hit the bed earlier today tonight. Bye for now and see y'all soon (hopefully).

L.N. : Love ya hun *mwah*

P.S. : L.N. is a Lover's Note by the way. So from now on, I'm gonna use it for my personal note, so if any of you realized that you are not my lover, don't read! And I mean it!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Feeling Uneasy

It's all come down to this. in the next month everything will be decided. good or bad, well, we'll see by then. happy or sad, it must be done. I can't even bear thinking about it right now. all I can say for now is that hopefully everything will alright.

Anyway, it's official now. we're abandoning XNA not just because the time limit is too slim, but there is also a sudden project called disitu. well not really that sudden actually, but the condition forced us to go all out on it. and since I'm no longer XNA-ing, I can focus on that one. if any of you are curious with that disitu thing, just check it out then on Disitu.

Besides that, we're also busy on some other projects. I'm not sure if I can tell you about them though, so I'll just say that one of them involves an Indonesian band, and the other with a certain big company. even as I write this down, the projects are rolling already and since I'm also involved in them too, then I think I better get going to work now.

As for the things I mentioned earlier, well I'll just try to do the best I can right now, and hoping that it'll be more than enough (or maybe barely enough). adieu for now.

P.S. : missing you more and more each passing day *mwah* loving you even more and more *hugs* you know who you are *wink*