Monday, June 12, 2006

Fight Fight!!!!

Been staying there for almost two weeks, and i can say, it's nice to stay there.. still a lot of stuffs unpacked yet, still a lot of works to do, and still having the same dreams every once in a while.. God i'm starting to hate him.. we're having quite a hard time now and all he did is annoying us..

*INTERMISSION : Australia 0 - 1 Japan for World Cup 2006* yay for Japan..

Eniwei, i tried not to think about it but still sometimes it hurts inside out to think how things turned out to be like this.. i guess a happy ending is still at the end of a long rocky way.. and things aren't really smooth at the office.. guess you can't expect everyday to be Sunday eh?

Still, as plegmatic as i can be, i can live with that without complaining too much.. well, maybe when i reached the peak, i'll only pour 'em here and walked away a better and lighten man.. maybe that's why i rarely write here anymore.. and the more i think about it, this blog is becoming my place to write all sorts of my complains and rubbish talks..

So, for all of you that already knew that i mostly write complains and rubbish here, and still visits and read all of my entries, i thank you all and love you all.. ^_^ well, gotta go now.. since i wrote down my rubbish and there are 2nd half of Japan-Australia fixture is waiting.. adios for now..

PS : don't worry.. i'm all better now.. ^_^

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