Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fhuah.. Shits Happened!!

Sorry if the title seems a little not appropriate but i don't really care anyway.. well, since i already skipped writing my blog for over a month (and there are people complaining about that), guess i'll try to write something here.. well, let's see.. there are a lot of things happened over the month.. starting with we being comfortable at our new home, being a small but happy family, passing each day without fear and insecurity..

Next, about things at office.. we had an agreement with IM2 for the new Race4Win game.. still under tender but should be not much of a problem.. then Kukuh started learning XNA SDK for XBOX game programming using Direct3D and C#.. Alex is learning Lightwave now and getting ready to make animations.. Heavy Knights are on its way to animation.. ^^ Me? fortunately the work for Burning Armor Code E finally finished.. right now i'm just fixing some minor bugs and adding a few patch to make a more enjoyable game.. oh yeah, our internet connection is finally unlimited.. thanks to Shabox for buying our games and willing to help us on the marketing side ^^ now yahoo, msn, skype, imvu are never shut down anymore.. talking about imvu, anybody using it? if yes, my id is NicGun.. just holler and if i'm free, let's chat ^^

OK, now for myself.. i've been down these few months.. don't know how to handle things that are coming so fast and i must face it all at once.. but now there is someone accompanying me.. someone that lifted me up when i was down, comforted me when i was sad and calmed me down when i was furious.. she's Rosa and we're a couple since this month..

Well, kinda a lot to read eh? so guess i'll stop here.. besides, i need my dinner and rest.. i don't feel really well today as i didn't have enough sleep last night.. so for those that still reads my blog.. thanks and glad to have you back.. adios for now..

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