Monday, April 03, 2006

April's Here...

Wow.. been almost a year since that faithful day but somehow it went slowly and a lot happened since then. don't really know what might happened if I ended up with another decision that night. all I know is that in one week I'll be back a free man once more with nothing to worry about.

Anyway, last Saturday I went to clubbing with some friends. since it's like ages from my last clubbing, i really enjoyed myself that night. first we went to at EX and stayed there for a while to listen to some live music while enjoying my whisky (or is it whiskey?) cola. later on, we went to Manna Room (or is it Manna Lounge? or Manna House? nah what the heck..) and there i spent my worst fifty thousand. the place sucks big time with lots of ABGs around and progressive techno house music (i don't even know what that means..) and after finishing our drinks, we got out A.S.A.P. and after that we went straight to X lounge at Semanggi where we stayed until around 4 A.M. and went back home. some of my friends went back earlier though. got some sleep at my friends place and then went to EX at noon to meet a friend. stayed there until 3 and went back home with hope to sleep. alas, i got home finding there are already a lot of people there at my room. finally i played Tekken 5 with them and got my sleep at around 10. can't really sleep coz there are some thoughts at my mind i just can't get rid of. but those are nice thoughts so i guess it's okay.

And today i arrived at office to start a brand new week of working. maybe i'll stay here until friday again? who knows.. all i know is that my job needs to be done A.S.A.P. or something nasty will happen. so i'll excuse myself and get back to work. see you in the next post, which i hope will be soon.

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