Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's Over, or Is It?

It's over!! that's the first thing that i thought up at that faithful day.. nothing left to be talk about.. he may lived on, but to me, he's no longer in my heart.. maybe, just maybe, someday i can forgive him and let him inside my heart again.. but it'll be a long time until that day comes so i guess i'll just be on my own then..

Yeah, we may be penniless.. but we're still together so that's what really matters for now.. we have each other to depend on.. i guess being a plegmatic sometimes has its own usefulness eh? like i don't really have too much thing to worry.. well, besides works and money, that is..

Oh well, time to cut the crap off.. get back to work and finish all my jobs and free more stuffs from my seemingly overloaded head.. just now my head hurts so bad, i wanted to break it open and remove the pain with my two own hand.. but that's like so not possible, right? so maybe i'll just try to get some rest and hope it'll go away itself.. ciao for now..

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