Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Been a long time eh? Guess nobody is visiting here anymore.. can't blame them though.. a blog without entry is not what people want.. but what can i say.. been lost without words lately.. got nothing to talk about.. because everything i talked seemed nothing but complains and bad news.. my world will soon be one person short.. not something i wanted.. but the decision is not of mine.. what will become of this life, i cannot tell.. but surely i'm hoping for a bright future and trying to find the better part of this unfortunate happening..

Well, enough jabbering.. if i continued on, this blog will really become my place to write all my darkest side of my life.. all i can hope is that someday i'll be able to open this blog once again and read all of my entries with a smile because like some people said, "All is well that ends well." and for sure, i hope my ending is as well..

Enough for now.. hope my next entry will be a brighter one..

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