Thursday, December 21, 2006

Me? A Genius? HA!!

So like, yesterday i was like, you know, trying to make an engine for text wrapping for the Heavy Knight game. and after long thinking (some comics in between) i finally finished it. although still some logic missing around, i made it. well, of course after that it's logic finding time. why the bug and how to squash it.

But then again, as the genius i am (thanks for the applaude) i finished squashing the bug (i'm not even sure there is such a word such as 'squash') and emerge victorius victories victorious. now there is a smooth conversation going on before the game really begins.

One thing worth noted is that the conversation itself is kinda akward but since we're not english man, or americana then i think we'll go with what's available for now. maybe later when we get the new and rightly conversation, i'll change it right away, as soon as possible, pronto, you get the point. below is the conversation sample. please be patient while your computer loads the gif sequence.

Oh, and today is Mr. Babe a.k.a Mr. GGO's birthday. we took a picture yesterday and after that we wrote our own words of wisdom at his b'day card. and surely, there'll be foods!! Mwahahahaha.. i'm so evil, i felt hot here. wait a minute.. it's the hot weather actually, darn it.

Well, the only thing that i kinda regret is that i spent too much on eating last night. you see, we (being me and Cin) went to this Kedoya Food Court and i ordered a portion of sate padang. not long after that i ordered a roti cane with curry cambing (it's kari kambing or goat curry actually) and whatever you eat, you drink.. yep, Teh Botol. and guess how much they all costed me? sate padang @ Rp.,- , roti cane @ Rp.,- , kari kambing @ Rp.,- , and Teh Botol @ Rp. 2.5oo,- for a total of Rp. 42.5oo,- and i was like w00t!!!! oh did i mentioned i bought a Monas at A&W later @ Rp.,- and a bear brand canned milk @ Rp. 4.6oo,- for a grand total of one night spending Rp. 5o.1oo,- . suddenly i wanted to bang my head to the wall. T_T

Well, what's done is done so i don't think i'll spend that much again next time i'm there. maybe i'll just ordered something simple and not so expensive. well i could say that i was treating myself last night but it'd be totally denying myself, so i won't. and since i realized i'm starting to blabber myself to boredom, i think it's time i hit the publish button and go about with my work. there are things to be done you know.

So with that i wave y'all goodbye. have a nice weekend and but of course!! Christmas is near so allow me to say Happy Christmas 'o6. hope good od' Santa bring something for you. ^^ ciao for now. and hope that i'll stay online next week to post a Merry New Year 'o7 for all of you. wait.. did i just say it out loud? aww, crap...

PS :
been a while since i last post something this long. mostly would be me complaining a short post and gone for a long time afterwards. hopefully i can start to write more often in the next future. adios amigos. be seein' y'all.

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Beibeh said...

wahhhhhh kerennn kerennn, ebad ebaddd *plok plok*, u really are a genius guy ;), keep up your good work ^^v