Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And Again

These few days i can hardly focus myself. Irwan once said that i need to learn to become a professional. i got to separate my work problems and life problems. i think that's so true because now i'm about two weeks behind schedule. guess after all this time, i'm still not matured yet. maybe i'm still child, that knows only fun and doesn't care about problems. I want to change myself.. i know it's hard, but it's possible. i want to be mature. i must be mature. i'm sick and tired of people treating me as a nobody. but first i must finish this problem that dwells inside my head.

I really wanted to scream right now. this heart ache is just too much. I want to be somebody!!! time to learn how to kill useless feelings.. get ready for the new me!!!

1 comment:

My4 said...

to be mature is to overcome getting satisfied with yourself while the unsatisfaction keep haunting u!