Saturday, January 14, 2006

Puncak Pics

As i have promised before.. here are some of the pics when i was at Puncak.. actually there are a lot of them.. but i was lazy to upload them all so here's some for now..

The whole lot of my office guys and girls.. the title is "Memandang Langit!!"

MAX-ers minus Cin coz he's the one taking the pic.. the title is "Parkir Menghadap Tembok!!"

Me and the girls.. aren't they all just plain cute? Mwahahaha.. the title is, of course, "Me and The Girls!!"

Hope the pics are not too big or it'll ruin the layout of my blog.. eniwei, i was just gonna go for a basket time but it seems like it's gonna rain so i'll just hang around here for some more time.. back to the confey yeah..

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