Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Almost One Year

Tomorrow is my blog's b-day.. yay.. which means its gonna be one year old.. wow, ain't that neat.. i've been writing all sorts of things here.. my happy time, the ups and downs, my dreams, all the stuffs and shits that happened, although maybe i'm not writing in full details.. but still, it felt good to be able to share them with all of you.. be it my friends, just someone cruising through and read my blog, or my enemies (do i have enemies? well, maybe i do, but i never think about it too much though.. i always consider everyone of you a friend, unless you feel the other way).

Anyway, this year, i was really hoping for a miracle.. i don't know whether there are miracles or not, but still i was hoping for one.. and i really need to change too.. well, let's hope all will go smoothly and nobody gets hurt anymore..


It feels like i'm all alone in this big world, with nobody understanding me..

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