Friday, February 24, 2006

Not In The Mood

Been a month since my last post.. damn.. if this keeps going on and on, then I'll.... nah, forget it.. I learnt not to think about it too much.. i just felt useless and unable to protect her.. with her being so far away and alone like that.. miss her so much..

Deadline is ahead.. not a single day went by without working though.. even at Saturday and Sunday.. work-a-holic? obsessed? team-work? whatever you call it, it has to be done and there's no turning back.. i've chosen this path and i'll reach the end of it even if it means i must run or crawl..

And in between them all I can think of about now is money and how it will make us happy.. can really money bring us happiness? a world filled with money-minded people is just the worst world i can think of but the ironic part is that i'm living inside it..

Gtg now anyway.. T-T-F-N and T-T-Y-L.. (for those that doesn't understand, it's Ta Ta For Now and Talk To You Later.. corny, i know..)

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