Wednesday, February 23, 2005

In Need Of A New Handphone

I never thought about changing my mobile phone.. well, even if i did, i never thought too much about it.. but the fact that my loyal N-8210 is 5 years old now, with a leak battery and torn keypad, plus broken charger, made me think about buying a new mobile phone..

In the past, people always asked me, "why are you still using this junk?" "a mobile phone without a camera is out-of-date nowadays" "buy a new one will ya?" and so on and so on and so on, while i always thought i'm better of with a stand alone digicam and mp3 player..

But now, i'm in need of a new mobile phone, and i need it fast.. so i think there's no other way than to buy a new one, maybe with a built-in camera too so don't have to think about how to take pictures on Indocina gatherings or any other special events..

Let's see... the choices of new mobile phones are : N-6600 or N-7610.. hmm.. eenie-meenie-mynie-moo...

to be continued..

PS : stay tuned to find out which one i'll choose.. will i buy a new one or will i stick to my loyal 8210?

1 comment:

angga said...

wew...ric, gw prefer 7610. kalo lo emang butuh buat jeprat jepret, go with 7610. i tell u what, 6600 jelek kualitas camnya. cum 640 x 480 and the color is suck >_<~!! trust me, gw aja dissapoint banget. mending pake 7610 yg udah megapixel :D