Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finally Back!!!

At last.. some free time for my neglected blog hahahaha.. been quite busy these days, with project deadlines, new stuffs to learn (migrating from VB.NET to C#) and sometimes arranging gathering for fellow IC-ers.. my God!! seemed like i'm gonna need an extra hour or two just to get a good sleep at nite..

So like, last sunday we had this gathering at Taman Anggrek.. quite a gath, having 23 people, and somehow the gath went smoothly and lotsa picture taken too ^^ here's a screenshot :

quite a bunch eh? hehe.. too bad i'm not in the pic, as i'm the one taking it..

and.. tomorrow i'll go karaoke-ing at NAV.. gotta get away from office at around 5.. hope everybody won't mind.. hahaha.. besides, the office hour is 8 - 5 rite? :p oh well..

wowee, look at the time.. gotta get back to work first.. but in between work, gotta learn Jay Chou - An Hao (Secret Signal).. tryin to at least memorize the rhytm coz i dun wanna memorize the lyrics..

ciao then.. :)

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