Saturday, February 12, 2005

Do Fun Day

Yesterday i asked Lydia to wake me up coz i was afraid i won't be able to wake up on my own.. so she did.. she miscalled me three times coz i warned her about me sleeping like "kebo" lately hehehe.. anyway, finally i woke up and took a bath, grab a set of changing clothes, and off i go to Lydia's kost.. waiting there are Ivonne, Lidya and Lydia.. then along came Robin.. happy face and all.. and we thought today will be a nice day..

Then we went to Untar I to meet up with Lidya's brother, who's supposed to go with us, but currently not in the mood so off we go to Dufan.. the weather is cloudy and it rained when we're halfway there.. and when we arrived at Dufan, it's still raining
and suddenly Robin's mood dropped again.. man, i really don't understand this guy.. well, tried not to think about it though..

So while we waited for Heri to come, the rain keep pouring down and not even showing any sign of stopping.. after the gate opened, we bought the ticket to Dufan (Rp. 70.000 ,- ??? what a rip-off!!) and waited until 11.30 and Heri came.. we went to McD first to have our lunch while waited for the rain to stop (which didn't stop at all.. lousy weather.. *grumble grumble*)

The first one we visited was Star Wars (Perang Bintang) coz it's raining and most of the outdoor games are not operated.. then we went to the simulator (Perang Antariksa) and after that we played Boom Boom Cars.. then after the rain started to slow down, we went to Kora-Kora, Halilintar (i played twice.. not challenging at all..), then played Pontang-Pontang and after that straight to Ombang-Ombang.. after those two, my head was spinning and my stomach didn't feel good..

Rested fow a while, then we went to Istana Boneka and after that, we played the mini Halilintar (i think it's called Alap-Alap or something..) then straight to Kicir-Kicir.. this time only me and Heri played coz the other freaked out when they saw how the machine worked.. after a rest, we went to Rumah Kaca (got lost coz Heri led us through the wrong way), Rumah Miring (ran though it, quite fun ^^) and then straight to Niagara-gara (played twice, thanks to the guard there) and after that.. Arung Jeram!! haihaia.. wet time..

When we finished Arung Jeram (not so wet though.. just a little here and there) we went to Bianglala.. stayed there and chatted all the way (ate some bread too) and when we finished, we went to get changed and then Ivonne's friend Eko was already waiting for us.. we went to Tamani Cafe at Tomang and have dinner there.. and by nine, we're on our way home..

A nice day (considering Robin's mood was getting better after some games) and now this guy need some rest.. so adios for now..

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