Monday, February 07, 2005

Today Sucks!! pt. 2

Well.. it turs out that my bad day ain't over yet.. like they say, it ain't over 'til it's over.. so.. when i was going to the fitness centre with my friend johnsons (known as Toy-Box III in Indocina) suddenly out of nowhere it started raining.. and the rain came down heavily so we're wet top down..

And the most annoying part is.. when we arrived at the gym, the rain stopped.. it stopped.. just like that.. urrgh!! i felt horrible.. and to make my miserable day complete.. it also rained when we're on our way home.. luckily just a small rain.. but still enough to wet us..

I wonder what awaits me back at kost.. maybe a scold by my bro, or maybe i'll trip n fell on my way back, or maybe got hit by a car.. *shivers* man, gotta be extra careful later..

So, to make my bad day complete.. well, I've said it twice n I'll say it again.. Today Sucks!!

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