Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Am I Normal?

Since the beginning of dawn, well.. actually since the time i knew that men and women are different, i kinda have this tendency to easily like someone.. well, like in term of maybe like to spend some time together, have a chat, sending msgs, or whatever that may be..

So, because of that, sometimes i confused myself when it came to this feeling called love.. i know like and love is a very different thing.. but still sometimes it got mixed, and in the end, sometimes it feels like i'm a total idiot.. although maybe i am an idiot.. -___-"

And of course, like people said "Easy Come Easy Go" all the girl are indeed come and go in my life.. is is good? is it bad? i myself am lost..

And yesterday at the forum, someone posted a topic about "Your Loyalty in Love According to Your Signs" and when i checked, Taurus people is the most loyal people in their love life.. but since i can easily like someone, just in a snap, i wondered to myself..

"Will I be able to be loyal to my future mate? Will I be like this for the rest of my life? Am I.... normal?"

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Anonymous said...

no, ur not normal....

joking :P
of corse u are normal, ppl are like that. maybe u're easy to like a girl becoz u're still in "searching mode". can't decide yet.
u just need to be more specified with that love thing u feel, love as a friend or not? love has many forms, but its not all about boy and girl only.

need suggestion?
dont think to hard, dude, just hit on the spot and go get 'er tiger!:P
just be responsible with every move u'll make.

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