Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pre Chinese New Year's Eve

So.. got out from my office at around 12:30 with Irwin n we went to Taman Anggrek.. he said he wanted to find something for his beloved (sometimes i envy those coupled people.. >_<) but first we went to grab some food at A&W.. loved those RootBeer Floats hahahaha.. never got bored of it..

After the lunch, we went to different stores.. starting from Familia to Michelle.. we searched high n low, going up n down and ended up buying nothing.. so, at last Irwin went back at around 14:00 and i went to Rimo to buy some new clothes.. at least 4 times i went around the men section before i found a nice piece.. it's a long sleeves shirt (Hammer brand) and i like it from the first glance.. after a few tries (including 2 more of different color n different design) i bought 3 pieces, all hammer brand (coz you got Rp. 30.000 ,- discount if your purchase is above Rp. 200.000 ,-) and after that i went to timezone to kill some time there, played DDR n Tekken Tag a couple times and around 16:00 I went to CitraLand to get my hair cut..

Arriving at CL, I immidiately went to Brown Saloon (no wonder it looked different, it just got renovated.. silly me..) and around 17:00 my hair is back to spiky style.. they use this super strong gel, and whaddaya know? it IS super strong..

So.. like, when i was writing this, i got a message, content censored of course, and it made me feel more and more miserable.. who sent it, i won't tell.. i had a bad day already and i don't want to make it even worse.. so much for the valentine gift plan though.. and i even found the gift i wanted to buy..

Well, gotta go now.. these past few days was a total hell for me.. hope this new year means new spirits for me, coz i sure as hell need those..

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