Friday, February 11, 2005

Second Day Of Chinese New Year

Woke up by a misscall from Lydia, followed by a sms from her.. she said "come to my place, someone wants to meet you.." and the first person that came into my mind is Ivonne.. why her i don't know, just my sixth sense i guess.. so i woke up, cleaned up, dressed up and i went to Lydia's place.. and guess who's there? yep, it's Ivonne allright.. wonder where i got these sense??

And after a couple of minutes chatting, she asked me to come with them girls to CL and i thought "hey, i ain't got nothing to do here anyway.." so off i went back to kost and changed up, then the six of us (me being the only male) walked to CL..

Arriving at CL, we're supposed to meet with Ivonne's friends and her friend's (name Lidya.. notice the difference spelling.. one is Lydia and one is Lidya) boyfriend.. so many new faces and names and i hardly remember any name.. oh well.. after confirming the meeting point will be at funcity, we went to Hoka Hoka Bento for a lunch first.. then came Ivonne's friend, name Robin.. a weird guy.. he came, spoke a little, showed a weird face (looks like angry or something, i don't even give a damn) and left for lunch at Goiza.. duh? like what do you think you are? some superstar or something? get a life dude.. really ruined the mood..

After lunch we went to funcity and met Lidya's boyfriend there.. he's with his friend and both of them are binusian and yeah, we get along pretty well hehehe.. then we went to Gramedia for, guess what, persuading this Robin guy.. man i really want to give him a smack in the head.. hehehe.. but then again, i'm a lover not a fighter.. :p after that, we went around CL, while Ivonne must keep her eye on Robin, else he'll went crazy again.. really, i never saw anyone moody like him.. well, maybe my dad.. but still he's not that moody..

Okay, enough of Robin, after he went back (which brought relieve to all of us) we also went back to Lydia's kost and stayed there until around six and we went for a dinner at Hj. Helen.. and went back to Lydia's kost again.. and stayed there until nine thirty and went back to kost.. played Diablo II for a while then my bro got back and we watched The Simpsons again until 12 and it's bed time..

Kinda tired... zzzzzz..

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