Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Qong Xi Fat Chai!!

Woke up this morning (late again as usual.. man, i hate myself..) and got a sms from diana for tomorrow's Chinese New Year(CNY). even though it's still too early for that, i thank you.. ^^ It sure lift up my mood somehow..

Today my office work half day meaning going home at 12:00 AM (yay.. thanx Mr. GGO) so i think i'll go to Taman Anggrek to buy one or two new clothes n maybe even get a haircut.. after all, it's the CNY tomorrow, so i better look new and fresh.. ^^ let's just hope the haircut is good too..

As for my plan on looking for a valentine gift for that someone, i'm still thinking about it.. like, why bother to buy someone a gift when she doesn't even care anymore about you.. but still i promised myself i'll buy her something.. well, still have time until saturday though.. maybe i'll think about it again..

God.. how i miss her.. but she has changed though.. been busy lately with other and she don't even give a damn about me now.. call me silly, stupid, idiot, whatever.. that's the way i am.. a lonely stupid guy..


Goodbye year of monkey (ngik ngik ngik..)
Welcome year of rooster (pok pok petok..)

Qong Xi Fat Chai

Xien Nien Kuai Le
Sen Ti Cien Khang
Nien Nien Cien Pu
Wang Se Ru Ie

Sorry if my pingyin are all wrong and messed up.. still a novice eniwei..

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