Monday, February 14, 2005

Love Is In The Air, Or Is It?

Woke up late (again -.-") and arrived at office at around 8:59, ain't much work to do at first.. but when Irwin found lots of errors, then the fun began.. worked til it's about time to go home, i asked Irwin to take me to buy flower, red roses to be exact.. i bought two, both of them are for Lydia.. one from me and one from Ivonne..

Arrived at Taman Anggrek at around 6:35, Ivonne called me and asked me to reserve a table at Musicafe, so i went upstairs and asked the waitress there.. and it turned out that they were having this event for valentine's day, and it cost Rp. 175.000 ,- per person.. "crazy!!!" i thought and i called Ivonne immidiately.. and then she said "Well, then wait for us to come first and then we'll decide.."

So i went to Hero and looked for a chocolate for Lilis.. i dunno what was on my mind when i promised her i'd buy her chocolate.. but her response is positive so i guess i can't disappoint her right? at last i bought a cadbury valentine edition.. hope she'll like it.. ^^

After shopping, Lydia called and told me to go to KFC.. upon arriving there, already waiting Ivonne and Lydia.. then we went to Sapo Oriental and there already the full crew, including a couple i never met before.. at last 11 people gathered together and we ate a full and hearty valentine dinner (not too shabby..) consists of Sapi Lada Hitam, Baby Kailan Saos Tiram (although i wonder where were the "Saos Tiram"), Cumi Goreng Tepung, and Ayam Kung Pao (reminds me of the movie "Kung Paw" ^^ )

Finished eating, we went to Hero first because Robin wanted to buy some daily supplies.. while Robin and Eko went inside, me, Lydia, Ivonne, and Lidya waited outside for about 15-25 minutes.. after that we went back to Lydia's kost, i stayed there until it's almost eleven and then back to kost.. played Diablo I - Hellfire for a while.. an oldies but still can made me stuck in front of the monitor for about an hour or two.. then i went to bed..

Sweet dream.. oh, and before i forget.. Happy Valentine.. ^^

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balbotta said...

happy valentine's day to you too! glad to having discovered your blog! cheers from italy!