Friday, February 18, 2005

Semarang, Here I Come ^^

Yesterday Cin said "I'm going back to Semarang tomorrow, back to jakarta at sunday.. wanna join me?" and so after a few thought here and there, i said "Okay".. so we went to Pintu Air district and bought the ticket for about Rp. 190.000,- each..

And later that night i went to Lydia's place.. i thought that if i'm going to Semarang, then i won't see Ivonne again until the next time she came to jakarta.. but it turned out that she wasn't sleeping at Lydia yesternight.. so i just went there to chat with Lydia.. amazingly she seemed to enjoy the chat.. although only for about half an hour or so.. she even didn't say no when i asked her what i said i wanted to buy her something from Semarang.. hmm.. a good sign? *big grin*

So, today i'm ready to travel to Semarang.. cin already made a lot of plan on where to go and what to eat.. well, hope this trip will be a good one.. I'll post my journal here and of course some pics too.. gotta go in about an hour so adios for now and see you all again on Sunday.. ^^

Hope you all have a nice weekend.. ^^

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