Friday, March 04, 2005

Miss Me?

Been a while since the last entry.. miss me? sure you do hahhahaha..just kidding.. anyway, the last few days are kinda smooth.. finally they told me that i'm in the MAX team, so starting at Monday, 7th March 2005 i'm officially one of them.. kinda exciting but also i'm feeling a little sad to leave my former team.. well, there're two of 'em.. one is where i started my career as a web developer and the other one is where i had my overtimes and lots of headaches.. well they both did give me a lot of headaches and also good teamwork, laughter, friendship.. *sniff* whew.. i'm being sentimental now hehe..

Well, i finally made up my mind.. guess i'll have my 8210 replaced by 7610.. too bad the BM stuff is out of stock.. when it came to the difference of almost a million, one must think carefully.. :P it's just that i can't wait any longer for a new mobile phone.. hope i won't regret this decision..

Okay, what's next? hmm.. oh yeah, been slacking from the gym lately due to muscle strain and not a very healthy condition.. i can actually feel my stomach getting bigger and bigger.. AARRGGHH!! maybe it's time to cut off some fat..

Guess i'll add a wishlist and hopefully the moods soon.. aaaarrghh!!! hunger... gnaws at me!!! can't... take it... any... moreee... *collapse*

1 comment:

Rikku said...

Welcome abroad, dude :)
expecting ur good team work here.