Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coincidence? Fate?

Yesterday me and novi, we agreed not to meet each other since i still have some translation to do and she needed to go to her cousin's place to do her final assignment.. so i thought i'll go to the gym.. but because cin didn't bring his gear and the time is already around 6, i thought better went home and do the translation.. but when i arrived at untar, it seemed that the light was out.. and i thought to myself "how am i gonna do my translation??"

So, while i was walking slowly, thinking to myself, enjoying some 'gorengan' suddenly among the darkness i saw her.. i saw Novi, walking alone with her head down looking at the street.. so i called her, and it turned out that the light was out from the evening and so i thought if i can't do anything, might as well accompany her then..

Was it coincidence? was it fate? anyways, we then went to her cousin's place, just to find that her cousin is not at home.. so after spending some time at her friend's place, we went to cl to have dinner there.. at 9 we went home and i went back and played serpent isle until 1 o'clock and went to bed..

Today i was supposed to go to Puncak to do some surveys.. but due to a change of plan, we're going there tomorrow, at 6 am in the morning.. maaaan, gotta sleep early today then.. >_< will go home soon so i'll stop here.. adios amigos for now..