Monday, March 07, 2005

A Very Long Journal

Okay, be prepared to read a helluva long journal.. ^^ let's start at Friday, 4 March 2005 shall we? let's see.. at that night, at about 20:15 or so.. i am a loner no more coz finally my heart found it's match.. the name is Novi and she's a friend of Siu_pink.. well, anyway, quoting what om Chiang once said to me, a quote i held on until that day, "Se Ni Te Ciu Se Ni Te" which literally means "What's Yours Will Definitely Be Yours" and that's what made me strong and be able to stand firm.. anyway, now that i found one, hope she's really the one for me.. thanks to Om Chiang for giving me a very good quote and Siu_Pink for introducing me to Novi.. and also thanks to all of you that supported me when i'm down and low (hmm.. i felt like i just won an award or something here hehehe..)

Anyway, moving along to Saturday, i woke up at around 8 and continue on my translation (being translating for the past two weeks.. anyway, got paid for it so no complaints from me ^^) and then get washed up and went to Novi's place.. spend the morning 'til afternoon there and then went to office.. Cin picked me up and then we both went to pick Debby.. after that we're supposed to pick Novi (from here on, the Novi i mentioned will be Chrisu's Novi a.k.a. Snoophy) at TA but since she's still on the way we decided to went into TA to get some cash and buy snacks.. After watied for some time she arrived and then we went to La Piazza Gading.. arrived there at around 19:00 and we went through the parking lot for almost an hour before we got ourselves a place to park.. well, actually it's not a place to park coz we're parking parallel.. but since we're desperate we ignored the warning of a couple people there.. then we went to Pizza Hut and there already waiting Ricky, Yos (Lele) and Rudy.. after waited for a while we finally got a table.. we ordered two large pizza and a medium one, Cin's treat.. the Pizza Hut at La Piazza is made with cafe style so the atmosphere is nice and cozy.. although a little hot.. hm.. well anyway, after we ate, we thought a couple of hours karaoke-ing would be nice.. but alas, all NAV are fully booked and i didn't even bother to ask Happy Puppy.. since there're no place left to karaoke, we decided to went home.. and guess what.. at the parking lot, one of Cin's tire is flattened.. damn those no sood son of a ***** [really ruined my mood that night] of course we had no choice but to change the tire.. and above all, it rained cats and dogs.. a windy one too.. anyway, we finally managed to get out of Gading and we escorted Novi home first, then i went home and it's about midnight.. continued on my translation and i went to bed at around 4 in the morning..

Fiuh.. tired of reading already? ^^ well, there's just a little bit more so hang on..

At sunday, i woke up at around 11, translate a bit again, get washed up, ate lunch and went to Novi's place (from here on, it's my Novi) and we had a chit-chat, get to know each other even more, a little kiss here n there (hey, nothing to ashamed of right.. :p we're all adults anyway..) and at around 4 we went to TA for a spin and then we ate Sop Ikan "Yong Kee" which Novi said is very famous at Batam.. after that we went to Novi's sister's place.. she wanted to get her stuffs and after that we went back to Novi's place again and finally i went home at around 9.. watched Pirates Of The Carribean and finally went to bed..

And today.. I started out fresh at MAX.. been doing nothing since morning except installing programs and chat.. of course sending message to Novi ^^ well.. gonna go to fitness soon so i'll end this madness now.. besides it's a very long one already i think i'm gonna change the title hehhe.. thanks for reading y'all ^^ and Novi, if you ever read this.. luv ya darling mwah mwah ^^

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