Monday, March 14, 2005

Not Much Happening..

Well, last week isn't very special in any way.. just went to my girl's place whenever i wasn't going to gym.. started at MAX and not much work here coz i'm still confused about what i should do.. went through the first meeting with the MAX guys, a fun meeting i should say.. all we did was a brain storming where we pour our ideas and thoughts about what should a game looked like or how the gameplay should be..

Anyway, at Friday we had this Indocina gathering.. it's so crowded in TA and we barely got a place to do the gathering, so after checking Hartz Chicken and Sizzler, we finally went to chatterbox.. had lunch there, quite a lot people too.. here's a shot of the people that joined the gathering..

Quite a bunch eh? and then later we went to NAV at Megamall for a karaoke until 8 o'clock.. had dinner at Taman Ratu where i ate Tjong Sim noodles and then went back to my place after we drop Novi home.. went to net cafe to have a meeting with the other gathering staff and went back home at about 12.00 and went to bed..

At Saturday i went to Novi's place and thought i'll watch her do her final assignment but it turned out she spent the whole morning at the bed.. my God.. gotta do something about this.. so, i finally able to ask her out to cl and we had pizza for lunch.. then we walked around and she told me to buy a new wallet and belt.. also she want me to buy a new pair of leather slippers and a new pair of shoes.. whew.. what a fashionista she is.. and then after spending some money on new stuffs, we went to my office to get her mobile phone charger.. after a while, we went back to her place and i spent some time there until it's almost late and went back home..

At Sunday it's her turn to visit my place, but i had to went to her place and picked her up.. then we had lunch and she did her final assignment at my place while i finished my translation.. at around 7 i escorted her home, spent some time there and finally went back home.. a weekend full of spending time with my darling..

Not much right? ;) oh, and before i forgot, i added up a new Mood!!! Yay!! Finally hehehe.. Thanks to Irene a.k.a. Rikku for the mood design.. and since i only have this "Happy" mood then i have no choice but to put it there all the time, even when i'm upset or at lost.. ^^ more coming up..

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