Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Yadda.. what is going on? only one night of peace? one night? ooh Gawd.. this is too much.. okay.. okay.. calm down.. let's think about it again..

First of all, i thought there'll be no more translation.. which means more time to spend on novi or myself, practising at gym, play some games.. and not to mention the lack of sleep i've been coz of the Sid Meier's PIRATES! game i've been playing plus Ultima 7 Part 2 : Serpent Isle.. need some good sleep i am.. need them now..

And suddenly..

I got some extra translation coz a certain person can't finish it on time.. it's about extra 20 pages or so.. well, 28 pages to be exact (i just counted it) and it's due on April 3rd.. bweh.. i got a headache all of a sudden..

Not to mention Mr. GGO told me to finish the quiz due this monday, meaning before March 28th my sleeping time will be so little i could sleep at office because of this.. Gawd, my vision is blurring..

All i can do now is slowly went through it.. maybe it's time to learn to dicipline myself.. oh and by the way, i must write down the narration for the games that will be played later at puncak on my office's birthday, which is due on March 31st..

Oooh my sleeping time.. i think i need to scream now..

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