Monday, March 21, 2005


Finally!!! the job's done.. the translations are completed.. no more staying late translating from english to indonesia.. fiuh.. now comes the greatest part.. receiving the munny.. oh yeah..

Yesterday as usual me and novi had a date.. we went to TA (not agaiinnn.. i'm starting to hate TA haihaiaha..) and had Fiesta steak.. please remind me to order the Chicken Steak the next time i go there, coz it's a lot better than the Sirloin Steak, not to mention cheaper hihaihaiha..

Then, we went to Metro, browsed for a while and then we went home.. i was so tired coz lack of sleep i went straight home after dropping novi at her kos.. and after played games for a while, it's bed time and i woke up late again (surprise, surprise hehehe.. guess it ain't a surprise no more eh?)

Today i started on my web project for the quiz which my boss told me to finish A.S.A.P. and i think i'll bring it home if i dun have enough time.. anyway, Johnsons (a.k.a. Toybox-III) is resigning today.. what the!! quoting myself saying "Ga ada angin ga ada ujan kok resign?" and quoting him saying "Lu kira gw pawang ujan ric?" haohaohaohaoah..

We're gonna miss you man.. and not forgetting.. MAKAN²!!!! hoahoahoahaoha..

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