Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yet Another Challenge

Yeah, after I finished the grids, came another new stuff to think about. ladies n gentlemen, may I introduce you, pathfinding.

Yep pathfinding. A* (A star), DFS (Depth First Search), BFS (Breadth First Search), Djikstra.. you name it. confusing and mind-boggling, those are subjects that I learned when I was still in college. and I never really pay any good attention to them. and now look where it came to now. dang..

Anyway, since a friend of mine said that BFS is the easiest for my needs, then I'll just try to check all the BFS related sites and articles, possibly codes and samples also, from the net. hopefully I'll get something out of it by tomorrow. really need to finish this as soon as possible. if not, might as well look for other way for the pathfinding, maybe A*? looks like a lot of people liked it.

And on top of all, I'm currently going home everyday, because my bro is still at Hong Kong with his office fellows and my sis is at Medan right now, so I'm basically responsible for the house and my mom there ^^ maybe later when my bro is back from HK, I'll continue to stay at the office to burn the midnight oil.

Later then y'all. still need to catch up with the pathfinding stuff. *mwah* as always hun ^^

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